New Rollabind parcel received!

I finally received my rollabind parcel! I ve been looking forward to joining the disc community. The package contained a punch and a junior sized notebook. I m trying different forms at DIY planner right now, exciting!

However, the shipping fee is really too costly. My goods only costed USD$65.49, while the shipping charge is USD$ 116!!! (shipping to HK) I think if i ordered the goods from Levenger, i would be well informed of the shipping charge in advance. I ve emailed Rollabind for 3 times about the shipping, and still have not received a response them.

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Yikes, and we complain about domestic shipping fees! Ouch.

The good news is that the punch is going to be your largest investment in this system, unless you find yourself needing to buy covers. I have not, and have been very happy using recycled plastic folders and heavy card stock for folders and tabs.

Your wallet has an amazing level of commitment!


Thanx for your encouragement! i m going to make the most out of this punch. Hope this punch could be used for a long time.

My shipping

within the US was almost $40 for a simialr size order. I didn't even get an invoice in my order, but had look at my card statement for the amount I paid and compare it to what I ordered!

I don't expect you'll get an answer - I phoned them several times for my order and found them to be extremely disorganized.

The product might cost less than Levenger, but the overall cost is WAY higher!

Wow, thanks for the heads

Wow, thanks for the heads up. I'm definitely not ordering anything from them!