Two reasons to wait by the mailbox!

My husband's grandmother gave us some spending money for Xmas, so I've got two orders in:

1) Circa bookcloth cover, junior-size in Plum

2) Exacompta pocket journal from Pear Tree Pens

I'm quite excited! :)

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What, no new pen?

Congratulations! You do know that you're required to wrap them and place them under the tree until Christmas, don't you? :-D

Yeah, right.

And I still have money left over. Maybe one of those palladium Lamy Studios? :)

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Sure beats the hankies I used to get from one of my grandmas when I was a kid! Hope you don't have to wait too long. Let us know when you get them.

I will!

I'll post reviews when the toys-- uh, productivity tools come in... :)

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Bookcloth cover

I love love love the bookcloth cover. It just came in, and I put the covers on my go-everywhere notebook. I love purple, and it's a great shade. In the pen loop now is my Lamy Vista, loading with Levenger's amethyst ink. Color coordinating is nifty. :)

I'm starting to worry about my Pear Tree Pens order. I've contacted James there a couple of times, trying to find out how he wants me to pay him, and I haven't gotten any replies. I'm hoping it's just the holidays keeping him busy or something, but I'd really like to pay him so that he'll send me my journal. :(

Oh well. I have my new bookcloth cover to keep me entertained for a bit. I really wish I could figure out a good page-numbering system for journaling in my Circa notebook. I love writing in the notebook (on paper from Rollabind -- it's actually pretty good stuff), but I'm afraid of shuffling pages and not being able to put them back in order.... Any ideas?

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accession numbering

In libraries in the manual days, when a new item was received, it got a sequential accession number. Then, depending on the library and the item type it may get a Dewey Decimal number, an LC number, or a Gov Docs number, etc. Actually, even with the modern era, I think a lot of places still give items an accession number.

So, you could use this principle, and give a sequential number to each piece of paper the first time you write on it. And always in the same place on the page. Then if you put it behind Daily Journal TabA,p15, you could pencil in another type of number, say DJ-A16. If you then later decide to move it to Great Ideas Log Tab X page 17, you add a small number of GIL-X17... Maybe keep all these numbers in a given corner.

If you really want to keep track of stuff, you can keep an accession log that lists all the places you put an item in your shuffling and re-shuffling.



I'll think about that some. There's some potential there... thanks!

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Re: accession numbering...

Ironically enough i just read a tip in a different section about using a numbering and index system...
So i was wondering how i could incorporate that into a notebook that was potentially ever changing...
This sounds like it will work very well though...
It has been some time since i have actually went to the library...
So i am a bit rusty...
Do you perhaps have a series of pics that illustrate this in action?

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