Drew my own planner in a pocket Moleskine

Well, the Hipster made of index cards and Rollerbind discs didn't work out. Cover and first few cards kept popping off a disc. Found this Moleskine hack: http://aks-research.blogspot.com/2007/08/diary-moleskine-hac...

My main caveats were suit coat and pants pocketable, with month view and week view. Anything with metal rings is too bulky for me.
Took a couple evenings of TV watching to draw the grids for month view and week view then write in numbers, dates and appointments on a pocket Moleskine with grid paper, but I couldn't find this anywhere retail so, DIY. I carry a separate Cahier as a carrier for 'almost 3 x 5"' Post-It notes. I never write on the Cahier pages, they're just there to hold post-its. Notes, reference items, etc. go in the Cahier. Found a 'Repositional Picture and Poster Stick' by Elmer's so I can turn anything I print into a post-it.

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After reading AK's blog

After reading AK's blog entry, I found myself wanting to get a large Moleskine grid so I could make a planner for next year, too. Then I came to my senses, and dcided to make the planner from my Circa kit - letter size cover, 3/4 inch rings, and home-made monthly and weekly templates.

Altho we use A4 size paper here in Malaysia, I had a friend cut up a ream for me, trimming 3/4" off the length of A4 sheets. She works in a printing company, so they have the machine to easily get the paper trimmed.

I started drawing my 2008

I started drawing my 2008 planner in the Circa letter size notebook but quickly came to realise that the rings would get in the way of the month spread (over 2 pages) and also the week spread (also over 2 pages).

I then brought out a large Moleskine ruled that I'd ordered from Amazon UK (free shipping to addresses in the UK, so I'd had it sent to my cousin in London, and his sister then brought it back for me; I'd ordered two, and given the large blank to a friend) and started drawing a 2008 planner in it. I'd forgotten how good-looking a Moleskine is! And how smooth the pages feel.

So, it looks like I'm using a home-made planner in a Moleskine for my 2008 planner, and home-made Circa notebooks for general catch-all notes.

makes me want to go back

I have a hard time sticking to a certain planner. I have gone from Moleskine to circa and back again. Currently Circa and I really thought I was going to stick with it this time, BUT then I read your post and I remembered how much I LOVED MY MOLESKINE! UGH! I just can never stick with anything! I am going to go searching for Moleskine deals online and we will just see what happens......

Post again to let me know how this is working for you so far!

nay nay

I'm liking it

I'm really liking the self-drawn grid-Mole. There's a lot of writing space in my week view. I actually found a check-book sized planner like what I made today in a Barnes & Noble. It had month and week views. If I'd seen that first, who knows ? It was a ton of work to draw the month grids then the week views, then number it all. I nearly caved in, feeling a bit silly. But, I don't have to do it again for a year so, it's working for me at the moment and I like the system.


You can achieve quite a nice duplication of this, especially if you prefer blank planners. Check your local scrapbooking or stamping store for a set of calendar stamps. I saw a really nice one for $14 at Archivers'. It gives you the calendar grid, numbers, month names, and stamps for holidays.

Then that would run the cost

Then that would run the cost of my DIY planner up to $25 USD ! :-)

Hey Nay Nay, I posted pics

Hey Nay Nay, I posted pics of my hack at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/21998625@N02/sets/7215760349804...
You'll see it's just like A.K.'s and I spotted your comment to her hack at Flickr. Mine's identical to hers, just pocket sized.


I like it! Boy, you are precise in your lines - it really looks GREAT!

Nice job! Now, I am looking at my grid mole and the mind is working over time - hope there is something good to watch on TV tonight while I make my mole calendar!!

Thanks for posting the pics!

good idea but...

His idea is very cool but...don't like the large size or the squares so...used a blank pocket Moleskine. Will post some pics when I get home.

You can view the month view here.

You can view the week view here.
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