Levenger's portable punch and guide

I just spent a week out in the desert field testing some equipment for work. I tossed my Levenger punch and guide into a canvas satchel along with a zillion other things. While looking for something in the stachel, I noticed that the punching guide was stuck between a box of tools and a spare power supply and was getting flexed pretty far from flat. No permanent dammage--this time. But it has me thinking about what I could use for a case to protect the guide from future travel abuses. The perfect solution would be an Otter box or Pelican micro case sized exactly for the guide, but I don't expect to see either of these anytime soon. Some obvious answers, like a length of PVC pipe with endcaps would be to big and heavy. Any cylindrical case would add a lot of wasted volume.

Does anyone out there know of a hard plastic case--maybe meant for storing someting else--that just happens to be a good fit for the levenger punch guide? I thought maybe an old hard case for a slide rule might work, but with the depth gauge extended, the guide is a good bit wider than a slide rule. With the depth gauge folded under, the guide is a good bit thicker than a slide rule.

Before someone suggests it, a custom case made of exotic woods with precious metal hardware is not quite what I have in mind. (Maybe Levenger could offer such a product??)


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Slide Rule?

I have an old, mega slide rule. I'll have to bring my punch home from the office and see if it'd fit. Interesting idea. I know it won't accommodate the punch, but it doesn't need quite as much protection.

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Nope, sorry.

The one slide rule with case I could lay hands on didn't work. But you're likely not out of luck.

What I had was a Perkins, I believe. What I do recall is that the slide rule was 12", case 12 7/8". The guide for the portable punch is about 13 1/4". There's also a taper in mine, so it wouldn't make it to the end. The reinforcement for the case would also have to come out due to thickness.

So, if you could find a case for say, a 14"+ slide rule, you may be in business.

Good luck!

-- Coffee and Books, the pleasures of life

If you just want to stop it

If you just want to stop it from flexing you could use a thick wooden ruler or another strip of wood and attach with elastic bands or suchlike.

DIY one


Make your own case. Maybe not from hard plastic, but you could make one from cardboard pretty easily. Get a box, a big one, and cut what you need from the largest flat side. Make creases by scoring it with the dull side of a butter knife before you fold. Make it exactly the size you need. Then if you still want hard plastic, you can cut down plastic from anything you find and either slip it inside or fasten it to the outside of your cardboard form.

I was originally thinking you could take an empty paper towel tube and crease that to make it square instead of round, but you'd still want to reinforce that with some other material.

For that matter, you could go to the craft store and get some lengths of that balsa wood they sell by the plank (1/4 inch thick by about 3 inches wide by two feet long, I think) if you wanted to make a pretty one. Can't really advise you on the fastenings you'd need to keep it from coming apart at the seams, but I know it can be done.

Masonite would work too, or luan if you wanted to go to the building supply store instead of the craft store. Heck, the building supply store might have a toolbox you could cannibalize.


Tackle box


You could also consider a tackle box. Some of those are mighty cheap, with adjustable innards. If you picked up one, it'd probably be big enough to hold your other gear too, like pencils or small notepads, etc. Might have to cut out dividers to make it all fit, but if you don't cut out too many you won't lose any strength from the box.

Heck, if you're lucky you'll find a box that will fit the punch as well as the guide (when you've got the 'close for shipping' peg in it).

Go armed with measurements or take the gadget with you to be sure it will fit.