Finally decided

I have finally decided on the day timer tech book, portable size, to combine my pda and paper. I am also going to order some of their pre-punched paper to fit the binder.

My question is this... I have my calendar and other forms ready in excel to print, but how do I make them fit this paper? Is there any free software I can use to make it fit, or even some I would need to buy?

Thanks for your help!!

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You might try

Setting the margins in Excel to match the size of your paper, and also setting the paper size for your printer to the size of your paper.

I often make stuff fit on a page this way, though I can't say it's how others do it.

Custom Paper Size

I set up Custom Paper Sizes for the size forms I want to make. I have 3x5, Levenger perforated 3x5, and Classic sizes set up. Just adjust the margins the way you want and it should work.