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I've been relying on paper based planning for years now, the DIY version for the last six months, and just recently it became a whole lot more important to me. Before I was basically planning my social and school life, which though pressing wan't THAT important. It's pretty hard to forget when a paper is due when you're being told three times a week.

However, I've just started my own business (tech based of course, digital camera instruction and photography studio, though the latter is less in demand at the moment). It was a no brainer to make up a planner for the business where we could keep track of clients and their needs, schedualling (with only two people working, a simple weekly schedual with a line drawn down the middle of each day works great) and finances. It would have been much more expensive in time as well as money to set all this up on a computer. So far it's worked out great!

As we get busier and more mobile (for now I'm the only one who does house calls, the rest is done at the studio) I'm going to add an hPDA for each of us that we can do a 'sync' to before we leave the studio for a day of classes. These will have relevent client, schedualling and lesson plan materials in them.

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The overhead oxygen masks just dropped...

At least they would at a Franklin Covey training seminar if you mention having two planning systems. The thinking is that information will get fragmented among planners and will lead to inefficiency. But you have given thought to the purpose of the hPDAs, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Have you thought about how you are going to bind the hPDAs? I chose a looseleaf version. Instead of cardstock I am using paper cut to 3-1/4" x 5" with a 6-hole punch. This allows me the full use of the 3" area clear of punched holes.

The knights who say paradigm...

Stefanie, have you concidered a full size (A4/Letter) master planner that stays in the studio so everyone can 'sync' their hpda's without having to meet up?

Raymond, as you mentioned Covey seminars, is it true that dissenting voices are silenced by saying paradigm until they give up? I'm thinking the knights who say nih rather than Animal Farm ;)

That's what we're doing.

That's what we're doing. Both me and my partner already use hPDAs, so the letter planner stays at the studio (and comes to our day job) and we can grab the information we need for a class from that when we need to.

Finances are funny to work out. The store we work at, where I'm in charge of accounts, is the only one we have an account with...