FS: Day Runner e-Runner 6-Ring Organizer Memo Size NOW $15 shipped in US

Another item from my foray into the 3x5 index cards system. This is practically new. I bought it thinking it would work with my index card system. But I decided 3x5 was too small for my liking so did not even use it once.

I've included some low res images from my cellphone below.
* 7.8 x 5.5 x 1.4 inches
* compact, ballistic nylon planner features all the essentials of good organization plus a unique Velcro(R) pocket to hold your cell phone (index cards also fit in the pocket).
* the memo size 3in. x 5in. has six rings.
* mesh pocket on inside back cover
* on inside front cover, sleeve to hold loose cards and 4 credit card slots.
* 2 pen loops (one on each inside cover)
* black with zipper closure.

The organizer comes with 40 ruled note pages (3x5) and 2 boutique lined note pads (30 pages per pack). The barely used Pilot G-2 pen is to demo the pen loop (and size reference) but can be included at no additional charge if requested.

The above can be yours for $25 shipped in the continental U.S. I accept PayPal, checks, money orders.
Email me if interested.

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I have one of these

The binder rings are on a plastic card that just slides into a pocket. You can remove the whole schmess and put a 3x5 Circa setup into it (like I did) -- here is a picture
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I forgot about that!

ygor, I forgot about the rings on the plastic card sliding out! Thanks for pointing that out. That's a nice set up you have there. I may end up giving this another try :)!

If someone wants to get this and try the 3x5 circa, I can include some small Rollabind disc to get you started. I can even smurf 10 Levenger index cards (5 ruled and 5 blank) for you.

How about $15 shipped in US?

The Levenger index cards found a new home. But I can still throw in some small Rollabind disc if requested. Otherwise the $15 is for the binder described in the initial post, shipped in the US.

Day Runner e-Runner 6-Ring Organizer

Is this organizer still available? If so I will buty it. I have an old e-Runner that I need to replace. If not available,do you know where I can buy one?

There's another e-Runner

I sold this one earlier but have another one if you're interested. The second one does not include the notepads and has never been used. Register and email me via the contact tab if still interested.


Do you still have the second e-runner? Where is the contact tab?

I may still have the second e-runner

You found the contact tab fine. I got your email. I think I still have the e-runner but will have to check and get back to you since it's been a while :)!

Will reply to your email since I may not get a chance to check the forum as often.


OK. I will be looking for your reply. Thanks!