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I see Levenger has certain colors of the Circa Jacket on sale. I'm thinking of getting one. I currently have my main notebook/agenda in a zip folio. I really like the zip folio but the zipper does make it quite large and the way the notebook is always sliding around drives me crazy. I've seen the post on how to hack that particular problem but haven't tried it since I frequently need to take the notebook out of the folio to use it because of limited desk space at work (I fold it back to just show the current day, there's literally no room to leave it wide open).

Levenger has that the Circa Jacket comes with a notebook with 3/4 inch rings. I use 1 inch rings on my main notebook. Does anyone use a Circa Jacket with the 1 inch rings? Does it fit well? Too snug?

Thanks as always!

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I would be interested in any

I would be interested in any comments on this, as well. I've been holding off on using my $40 gift card until I can figure out whether the jacket can handle 1" rings. If not, that will push me over to the new bookcloth covered notebooks...

Both jackets definately hold

Both jackets definately hold notebooks with 1 inch rings. I can zip my whole bookcloth with 1 and a half inch rings into the zip jacket. The zip jacket is bigger than the no zip and the notebook will slip even with 1 inch rings - it needs a new back to stop this. I don't think the no zip would work well with 1 and a half inch rings, but being UK I use A5 paper which is wider - so it may be OK with the narrower paper. I must admit my favourite is the leather foldover - the leather is too soft and squashy on the jackets and I don't love the bookcloth as much as others seem to - the elastic is too loose on the junior and too tight on the pda size, plus it doesn't have rounded corners (personal preference).
Kate S

Does A5 work with the non-zip jacket?

I had always thought it would be too narrow and the pages would stick out. Would love to know!
another Kate

The foldover notebook covers

The foldover notebook covers are my favorite as well. I have a Navy set that I use on my main work notebook. Unfortunately the pen loop wasn't "finished" the way it should have been and it's all floppy and you can't really get a pen in and out of it correctly. At work I don't worry about the pen loop, but it is absolutely essential for my main personal notebook. I now wish I had gotten Levenger to replace the back cover because of the pen loop, but now the color has been discontinued, so I'm out of luck.

The zip folio works well for right now because I love being able to throw it in my bag and not worry about the rings catching on anything. My concern about the jacket would be stuff falling out. That's another reason I got the folio in addition to the foldover - I'm forever stuffing loose items in the pockets :-).

Really, I'm just using the new sale items and the movement of the notebook in the zip folio as excuses to get another Levenger fix :-)

attaching a pen

What I've done with my pda foldover is punch a hole in the plastic part and hang a pen from it. On the other side I've done the same and attached my usb stick. With the zip folder I use a double back - one as normal and then behind that one which is bigger and stops the slip. I can then take the book out by detaching from the fitted back and it still has a front and back cover (if that makes sense?). Of course this is no reason to stop buying more from Levenger! This year I said I wouldn't buy any more but didn't manage to stick to it so next year I'm going to be more realistic and only buy sale stuff :)

Kate S

1.5" discs

I used 1.5" discs in my Circa jacket for a while, and it worked fine -- just barely fit, but they DID fit.

If you can't leave the notebook wide open, though, I recommend a bookcloth cover. I stopped using my Circa jacket for that very reason, and made do with a translucent cover until I could afford the bookcloth cover.

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A5 fits the no zip jacket

A5 fits the no zip jacket with 1 inch rings - it does come almost to the edge though. A5 is slightly smaller than the clear covers you get on the notebooks so it looks similar to the way A5 paper looks in foldover covers.
Kate S

Thanks for the information!

Like rfe I have a habit of stuffing loose pages in my notebook cover pockets (I bought a Mead notebook cover from the local Office Max) I don't really want to lose that functionality. It sounds like the levenger jacket can accomodate those extra pages and my 1" rings. Is there enough "give" in the pockets of the bookcloth notebook to stuff loose papers in those?

Pocket "give"

I can stuff papers in my cover pretty easily. (I use a junior-size, and folded letter-size pages fit in the pocket fine.)

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Possible solution

You can always buy a two-pack of the Circa pocket dividers and put one in the very front of your notebook. They're roomier than the built-in pocket, and you'd have the same functionality (e.g., pocket in the front).

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Hmmmmm....Much more to's good to have options! Now off to the Levenger site.

A suggestion for the sliding notebook in the zip folio

Replace the rear Circa-punched cover with one that is large enough for a snug fit that will not slide around. I have a Junior sized zip folio with the same problem, but it never bothered me much. However, in suggesting this to help you, I believe I will try this fix myself. You want pictures or the results ?
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I see the hack Doug (I think

I see the hack Doug (I think Doug) did when he wrote the review of the Circa Zip Folio. I hadn't done it yet because when I'm at work I tend to take the notebook out of the folio and fold it over to save space. I figured if I had a back cover that was larger than the rest of the notebook I wouldn't like it when I had to take the notebook out.

I'm always game to see pictures. Even if the hack you use doesn't work for me, maybe it will inspire my own hack :-)

Double-back to solve both problems

I understand the sliding problem, and I empathize with the need-to-remove problem, so why not just create a snug-fitting, larger back panel for the notebook and leave it in the zip binder when you want to remove the notebook? Yes, it adds an extra few seconds when you put it in or take it out, and it might not work for everyone, but at least then you've got options. It's all about the options, baby.