I'm a newbie!

Hi everybody, I've been skulking around this site forever now but figured I should introduce myself. I'm a pen addict. :-)

So happy to have found the mother ship for people like me! The minute I found this site I called all my fellow planner friends to share (after I stopped hyperventilating of course).

Keep up the good work everybody!

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to the wild world of diy planning! Glad to have you here and we definitely welcome more of your friends to join as well!

Caution: keep the brown paper bag close by as hyperventilating can occur at any given moment!

nay nay

Good idea

I'll keep a paper bag in my office at all times! I'll go write that down on my to-do list right now: "buy brown paper bags in bulk"


Yep, you are going to fit in just fine around here!! :)

Why just brown?


If you're a real paper junkie (not just a planner junkie), you'll go to the party store and get paper bags in fashion colors and patterns. I just bought two dozen snowflake bags.

Well, 15 of those are for my kids' class party tomorrow. But you get the idea. :)


Color matching

of your hyperventilation bag to your clothing could become the next great thing for paper junkies!

Of course, then we'd start making the bags ourselves, in true DIY fashion...

Uh oh

I've found people who actually encourage me and my silly paper habits!

Danger, Will Robinson, danger...

You may not believe...

all the silly habits encouraged round here.

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Well in that case....

Next time I come home with armloads of notebooks with no plan or purpose to them and my husband gives me "the look," I will be sure to tell him about my new "enablers."




why BUY fancy brown bags when you can MAKE your own snowflake bag?!?!? i remember doing just that in elementary school.

next time... for valentine's... you need to make heart bags. cut out hearts and paste them all over the bag.

happy holidaze,


Very true.

You can buy *white* bags and decorate them with whatever, or buy *brown* bags and decorate them. These were blue snowflakes on white background in a close printed pattern over the entire bag.

I had to make 15 bags and fill them with goodies for 15 toddlers to rip apart in mere seconds. For the particular task, buying the pre-printed bags was worth the time. I still had to count out and distribute about 10 different fillers to go into the bags.

If I was going to use the bags for *myself* rather than a gaggle of three-year-olds, then yeah, I might use fancier methods and decorations. Might even break out the beads.