The Bookmark Book

The winter holidays are upon us. Last minute shoppers are out hunting for bargains at the stores and you need a few more items to make your holiday gift list complete. Instead of braving the stores this year, why not give them something different. Something handmade. Like a hand-bound journal, crafted lovingly by your own hand? No, I'm not suggesting that you create some large, artistic, leather tome. That would take quite a bit of time.

Let's think smaller and simpler. Something useful and easy to make. Something that combines the love of reading and writing into one. It's called the Bookmark Book and it squishes the idea of a book holder in with a slim and thin journal. The best part of this project is that you can assemble one of them in just under 5 minutes. Did I mention they make great stocking stuffers for readers and writers alike?

Unlike many of the other hand bound book designs I've featured on this site, you don't need a lot of materials to craft this book. You can even use recycled strips of paper if you have spares laying around. The images of my sample book were taken from papers that were cut down from previous projects and then reused to create this bookmark book. All you need is:

  • 1 Sheet of Decorative paper for the outside
  • 5 Sheets of Blank (or lined) paper for the inside
  • Awl or thick needle to punch holes in the paper
  • String or pretty yarn
  • A regular sewing needle to help thread the string or yarn through the signature and/or bead (optional)
  • A bead (optional)
  • Paper cutter and/or scissors

Putting the Book Together

  1. Measure and cut the decorative paper and five inside sheets down to "acceptable bookmark" size. You can use a pre-existing bookmark for a template.
  2. Fold each sheet in half. You should now have 6 folios.
  3. Poke two holes in each folio. They don't need to be exactly the same distance from the edge of the paper. However, you don't want them almost on top of each other either.

  4. Thread one side of the string or yarn through the first hole. Pull the string out a little way.

  5. Thread the other side of the string or yarn through the second hole. When you are done, you should have two ends of the string appearing on the outside of the book.

  6. Tie a knot in the string to bind the book together.

  7. Optionally, you can thread the bead onto the two ends of the string. Then tie a knot in the string just above the bead. This gives the bookmark some dimension and weight.

  8. Trim the ends of the strings down to meet your desired length, if desired.

And that's it. You can then use the bookmark book to record your thoughts, impressions or notes regarding the book you're reading as soon as the thoughts hit you. You can also use the bookmark book to capture and record page numbers or quotes and passages from the book without underlining the passages or ear-marking pages. You could also use the individual pages of the book as a multi-pule page book holder. If you made your book using the six sheets as I did, the bookmark can hold up to eleven pages of your book.

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I am sooooo doing this one for every adult who gets a book this year! Hihihihihi!

Thanks innowen!!!!!

You are one mega-talented person

A wonderful project article.
I will have some time to relax over the holidays and I think I will try a few of these.

Happy holidays to all the DIY folks !
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Holiday Crafts

What a GREAT and FUN idea! For my niece and nephew this year, I am having them over to my house for a morning of craft making and I just found a new project! They will have so much fun with this!

THANK YOU! and keep the fun ideas coming!

Holiday Smiles,
nay nay


This is so cool! I've been using index cards as bookmarks in library books so I'd have something to take notes on while I read. Combine this with one of those bookmark pens and you have a winner!



What a cool idea!

Be blessed!
~Rachel <><

gifts? I'm making this for ME

This is an awesome idea. I'm gonna make myself several, since I'm normally reading several books at once. I'd been trying to keep a 'My notes on my Readings' notebook, but it always seems to be with the 'other' book I'm reading which is always upstairs or downstairs or at the office..., and never with the one in hand. This is the perfect solution.

cool beans!


Wow, that's a fantastic

Wow, that's a fantastic idea...I read library books all the time and I've got this master list somewhere of books I loved enough that I'd like to own them, or books other books talked about and I need to read but I can never find the "master list" of books when I'm done with a book or going to the library and this would absolutely solve that problem! Just keep the bookmark list with the book I'm reading and it's always around when I need it! No more marking books with my bank statements and getting odd phone calls from the library about it.

What a sweet idea!

What a sweet idea!