2008 calander, 2 pages per month?

Anyone know if 2008 calendars are available in pdf format?

I tried the DIY_Two_Page_Month app, and it did not print the month, days of the week, or mini calendars. It was especially annoying because it was the first thing I went to print on my new HP 32lb paper that I'd painstakingly cut to classic size. I've been playing with the software and can't get it to fix that problem. It looks perfect on screen and prints just the grid and day numbers. I'm using a Photosmart 7350.

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Did you install the font -- Blue Highway ?

You on a Mac or a PC ?

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I have exactly the same

I have exactly the same problem. I am on a PC. I have installed the font but to no avial! :(

I'm on a PC.

I'm on a PC.