Gift Planner and Thank You!

Well, I made my Secret Santa gift. I wish I could provide photos, but, well, I suck at using my husband's DSLR. So I got pictures of nothing (shutter speed to fast, f-stop too high, a comlete ID-10-T error).


10 copper rings made from 7/8" copper tubing - the joiner type, which is thicker than normal copper tubing.

The following, Circa-punched
- Two decorative file folders cut down to 8" x 10" size for covers (used both sizes of the file folder - if you have a Myndology "bare" journal, you get the concept. The fold is the outside edge, so it provides a double-layer of folder-stock for the cover.
- 1 year of DIY Weekly Planner pages, embelished with butterfly and dragonfly transparent transfers with pagan holidays noted by hand.
- 20 pages of lightly lined, cream-colored journal paper
- 20 pages of medium weight drawing paper
- 10 pages of DIY contact lists
- 1 rice-paper envelope attached to the back cover
- 5 different types of decorative/art paper to use as section dividers

Put all together, and you have one pretty darn cool looking planner.

Thanks to Doug (of course), ygor for the automated template and kmorris for pioneering the copper rings. I'm really proud of my gift.

Also, re the copper rings - my husband (aka Mr. Precise) took the pipe to work after I mangled enough rings with the turny cutter thing (hee!) to drive him mad. He cut the rings on the lathe there, then brought them home for deburring and smoothing. I wish my pictures had turned out - I may be able to get Amy to take some and send them to me.

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Sounds gorgeous!

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that does sound gorgeous

indeed! Please post pictures if you can at all.

Perhaps the thicker copper is what made the tubing cutter (turny cutter thing is so much more descriptive!) not work so well, but I bet it makes for nicer rings!

Your Secret Santa recipient is so lucky!