Template Submissions

Per eric's advice, I installed the flexinode module so we can create a custom form and handler for template submissions. I'm thinking we should capture the following;

  • Name of submitter (can this be filled from the registered user account?)
  • Name of template
  • Size(s) of template
  • Category(s) of template (taken from the site's topic vocab?)
  • Date of submission (pre-filled?)
  • License of template (list to choose from?)
  • Upload or link to external site
  • Applications required (Word, Acrobat, etc.)
  • Thumbnail
  • Short description of template
  • Usage advice

Am I missing anything? Is the above even possible, eric?

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Sure it's possible.

I created a flexinode type called "Template." I also started a vocabulary for them (this'll need some more thought and work). Take a look: http://diyplanner.com/node/55.

Ooh, that's perfect! You

Ooh, that's perfect! You might want more than one thumbnail, but yeah... =)

Sacha =)

Just curious - is there a

Just curious - is there a reason why "Index Card" or "HipsterPDA" is not available as a size from the "Template Size:" drop-down menu?

A perfect logical reason...

It was one boo-boo among many. Fixed.

all my best,
a million monkeys typing : http://www.douglasjohnston.net

Preview A Bit Wonky

Just filled out a template content submission. The preview has content from the instructional area.

I think I'm getting it

Takes me a bit to understand the brief from the full preview, I think.

template page. show date.

Now that the templage page is getting huge, Could we have the template page show the date the template was added. This would help me keep track if I've seen that template before.

Where's the display graphic


When a DIY template comes out we see it's introduction via bloglines (or other) with a pretty graphic; but not a user-submitted template. Is this a stylistic choice, or should the submitted graphics be smaller than 35KB/300 px?

No image with the description

That's because Doug includes an image with his description; that's not part of the user-submitted stuff by default. I'll see if I can change that. Thanks for the feedback.

When there is an attached PDF, you should see it as an 'enclosure' with your newsreader, but it won't necessarily show a thumbnail.