Have some doubts

Hi all,

I am so excited about this de-tech subject. I think i need this because I need a new medium other than my laptop for creative thinking, planning, etc. In spite of being a graphic designer (mostly working digital), i try to seperate all my creative process from computer but as i have mentioned in the subject i have some doubts.

- How will i synchronize between planner and computer?
- I will need to carry my planner with me all day, but the problem is i need to carry my laptop with me too (due to presentation and mobile office thing) and this results in extra burden.

That's all for now, thank you for your help.
Burak Tuna

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Nearly missed you...

Hi Burak

What kind of information are you thinking about synchronising and why? This may appear strange but think about it. Computers are great at handling repetitious data, searches, etc. but do you really want to boot up to check on the time of your next meeting.
Have you read the D*I*Y Planner documentation? I think this will address most of your concerns.

Note on protocol. It is considered etiquette if one keeps related posts together. It also makes them easier for people to follow.

Two points.

I have a massive appointment in my Network Calendar saying call me befoe booking time. It efectivly locks out my entire week. I just use the paper one now, you just have to get in the habit of updating your diary when electronic invites are sent to you.

With regards to bulk, either a Hipster or a A4 planner would be the way to go. If yit is A4 it will be roughly the same size as your laptop and should be thinner than a A5 diary. Or go small and light with a Hipster.

Have my doubts - my idea is te hipster

I use the hipster and look at all the forms and fourms and narrowed it down to what works for me and for my money te hipster is the easiest