We Wish You a Merry...

Happy Holidays everyone. I hope this holiday finds you all surrounded by family, friends, good cheer and Circa. Straight from the forums, I've decided that this little ditty (soon to be a rockin hit!) on the front page for all visitors to see.

The DIY 12 Days of Christmas, as performed by our forum members:

Twelve months of templates...
Eleven Circa discs...
Ten fountain pens / Levenger Customers a-leaping...
Nine Smurfers Smurfing...
Eight @ locations...
Seven daily pages...
Six Next Actions...
Five Circa Rings! (alternatively Large Moleskines!)
Four falling smurfs...
Three leather bags...
Two custom planners...
And a hipster in a pocket.

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Excellent. First time I've heard that use of the word "Smurfing." I was genuinely confused there for a moment:P

Steve Sharam

wha?... oh really. that's

wha?... oh really. that's weird cos we've been USING it all over the site. i should see if i can find the original article where we've come up with the defiinition.

hope you had a happy ho ho ho!

punching smurfs

I think the original term was "punching smurfs" but it ended up being the less violent and shorter term "smurfing." Any article about doing just about anything with a Circa-based planner is bound to include the term.

Speaking of which, I ended up finding a use for the paper from the extra 2007 Circa Agenda I purchased for the covers & rings: wrapping paper! It really is a shame to use such nice paper for something where it's going to be tossed out anyway, but I didn't know what else I would use it for.


happy holidays!!!

I have been away far too long! I have been so crazy busy... struggling to stay organized and get everything completed. I miss you all and wish each of you a Happy Holiday season and a Super-Organized and Productive New Year!

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Squee, it's sara


i've missed you. wondered where you had gone to! good to know yer alive and busy. have a happy 2008 and i hope to see you posting more soon!