Christmas in our house

With four children, it's wild and fun. But on the DIYP front, I may have found what will work for the super mom/wife. I picked up a 2008 Moleskine weekly planner, pocket sized at a B&N faculty/staff appreciation event (I work at an edu that has a real/academic B&N bookstore). The discount was substantial. I didn't wrap it, nor the pocket address book. But gave them to her later, when it was a bit quieter.

It looks like the planner may just be the trick. The junior sized Circa one I built last year didn't keep going due to size. This one, with it's ubiquitous size that you can carry anywhere may be just the trick. Time will tell...

On another Moleskine note, I've taken the home index hack of the address book in a different direction. Since I roast my own coffee, I would like to remember what I thought of last year's Kenya, for instance. So, now I'm sorting by country in the alpha index and noting the flavor characteristics of each lot for reference in the future. Hopefully it will help me keep things in mind.

Merry Christmas!

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