Ohto Converter

I just jumped and ordered one of the mini-Ohto Tasche fountain pens. To get the free shipping, I picked up two packs of refills, along with refills for another pen.

For those using the Ohto, does anyone use a converter? What type? Curious.


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The Ohto Tasche is too small for a converter

I just refill cartridges
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I Refill the Cartridges Too

Have picked up a Monteverde Fountain Pen Converter because I thought it would fit, but have not tried yet. Some places do offer other short International converters. I believe Waterman ink cartridges are of the international size and you can often find these inexpensively. The Tasche and the Fine are both nice pens. As I recall, took a while for the pen to write smoothly. It wasn't rough, just skipped or something. Perhaps if you rinse the pen with water and a tiny drop of dish soap, before installing the cartridge you may not have my problem. Since the initial start the pen has worked well for a year.