Ryan: more levenger shipping shenanigans

so what gives.

last time i posted the order the estimated shipping times were this:

smart post, save $2, 7-10 bussiness days

fed ex, base, 5-8 bussiness days

rush shipping. add $15, 2-4 bussiness days

but when i go on there today i get this:
USPS/SmartPost: subtract $2.00 from FedEx Ground - Delivery of items in stock normally takes 2 to 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS??!!! are they walking it to your house??

FedEx Ground Delivery: Delivery of items in stock normally takes 7 to 10 days. thats smart post time.

FedEx 2nd Day: add $15.00 to FedEx Ground We offer rush service on in-stock items only. For delivery in 2 to 4 business days to the 50 states

seriously. i think these additional shenanigans are the straw that broken the very forging camels back.

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I agree!

Thanks for bolstering my resolve, Jigglypuff! I love the quality of Levenger products (mostly), but I was fed up with the price and the Neanderthal shipping at space age prices. I received a beautiful compact Franklin planner for Christmas and was all set to use it, but then I noticed the classic zip folio on sale (still sky high, but quite a bit off it's usual price) and was wavering. Your timely message is enough to make me happy with my Franklin (modded with my own forms).

Mary Ann

Maybe it's a correction


Maybe they're adjusting the time estimates in response to complaints that the previous estimates were inaccurate.

I remember seeing many complaints that SmartPost shipping was taking rather longer than a week to 10 days. I do not see a conflict with changing one's estimate to more accurately reflect reality. Also, 10 business days is two weeks on the calendar, in an ordinary non-holiday situation. So they've adjusted the estimate up to make sure that your expectations when buying match the reality.

And if you notice, 5-8 business days (previous Fedex est) does actually work out to 7-10 calendar days (new Fedex est) if you count them up. All they've done is change it from business days to calendar days (apparently, judging from your quote).

I purchased something from them before Christmas, to be used as gifts. I chose the Fedex shipping, which was the default, and the stuff came within the estimate. I've ordered something else now a couple of days ago, and again chose the Fedex option. I got a shipping notice late last night, so I should have my stuff around the end of next week, I think. Both times the shipping cost was under $10, which is perfectly in line with regular Fedex rates for ground shipment.

Personally, I think Levenger should do away with the Smart Post, since people get frustrated tracking their stuff all over the country. I can't imagine that anyone buying the expensive goods Lev sells is going to be so price-sensitive that the $2 savings is a make-or-break deal. However, it appears to rouse some folks to fury so I guess $2 *is* important after all. I find it a teensy bit excessive to get so fluffed up about this change. It seems very reasonable to me, having been in the goods-shipping business myself in the past.


maybe i am just being

maybe i am just being pessimistic but i saw this less as estimate adjustment and more as a notice that they are using new methods that will take longer than before. and they already took way too long.

two dollars is not a big deal. $5 to ship something that costs $10 is a big deal for some people, not for everyone i am sure.

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.



I think it's all in how you look at it. Fedex Ground is Fedex Ground regardless--I don't think there are 'grades' of Ground that take more or less time, so that's why I assume this is just an estimate change. Now, Fedex might change the way they do Ground, but imagine the hue and cry they'd get with so many customers, not just Lev.. :) They'd be more likely to introduce a new 'grade' of service, like "Ground Plus," say, and then phase out the old "Ground" later on. Then even further down the road you'd see a service-rename.

And yes, the dollar amount of the thing you're having shipped changes the perspective greatly. My own products ranged from $1 to $15 each, and people could buy one or 1000. I used weight estimates on my site so the web site could then get an estimate from the shipping company directly. That way my shipping charges were always close, since my products had a minimum of packing and were small. Lev has extra packing they stick into some things--boxes and fancy cloths for the pricey items that change the dimensions of the package and therefore the weight as well.

I have never liked the cost method of calculating shipping. A $100 pen doesn't weigh much more than a $5 pack of index cards, after all. But each company has its own way of figuring out how much to charge for shipping. As long as they follow their own stated policy and they don't add to my bill after the fact, I'm OK. I read all the fine print and count it all up myself to determine whether I'm willing to pay to get the stuff after all. You have to figure that all into the value proposition of the stuff you're buying. Adding $9 to a $30 order is pretty significant, but I decided the value of having the items was worth that to get them to me. I hope I still think so after I've used them a while. :)


smartpost logo on woot

A useful thing to know when an item is shipped SmartPost is that the website woot.com and shirt.woot.com uses a very informative logo designed by one of the wooters to explain smartpost quite clearly. It is a snail carrying a package. I don't know if this site allows the posting of pictures, so if you're curious, you will have to check it out. The best place to find it is on the shirt.woot.com page.

Noticed the changes

I noticed the changes in estimates on December 21. Well they are actually rather hard to miss since they are in red now. I agree with shris that it's probably just a clarification to days instead of business days. People probably weren't reading business days and were getting upset when it took 7 days (but 5 business days).

I will say, while I don't agree with the way they calculate their shipping, I do accept it as part of the Levenger 'experience'. Not my favorite part, but if I didn't like their products I'd just stop shopping there.

Levenger shipping -

Hello all - I have read this site for quite a while and have always wondered about the Levenger complaints. The only time I have had problems with the shipping time was when I ordered a sale item that went on backorder (most places won't backorder sale items - your order gets cancelled). Last week I ordered a tote and pads (again sale items) on Thursday morning, using standard shipping, I received my package on Saturday morning.

I order by Internet from quite a few companies and have found that Levenger is no more or less slow/difficult to deal with than any of the others. Could it be that our excitment over "new toys" makes it hard to be patient?

Have a Happy New Year all.

me too

I had a very Levenger Christmas: whoa nelly. Everything I ordered (or was ordered for me) arrived in a very timely manner, indeed. Days, not weeks. And that includes the SmartPost shipped stuff, too.

We can all get upset about their estimates, but my experience with their shipping has been nothing but positive.

It isn't just impatience with Levenger Shipping

Although I readily concede to begin excited over new toys!

I haven't had a good experience with Levenger shipping yet.

To summarize my most recent experience, my order (all in-stock items) took days to leave Levenger. Yet there was no communication about the status of my order or any notification about any delay.

Then, the shipping fee itself was exorbitant for what was a few ounces of products.

I took the time and trouble to compare my experience with Levenger to four or five other internet merchants I'd ordered from within a two week period. These ranged from huge (Amazon) to small (custom ground organic coffee beans). Their customer service, communication, shipping times and shipping fees were far superior to Levenger's. I voiced all this in an email to customer service.

Don't get me wrong: Many of Levenger's products are nifty. But I wish they weren't my only source for my Circa products and that I weren't a captive consumer. I just think that it's inexcusable to charge premium prices and deliver mediocre service.

so true.


my question... this seems to have a lot to do with how far away you are from their warehouse, with those of us in NYC getting shafted big time, why not use the store in DC to ship out orders as other companies have done.

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.

sure if it takes three days

sure if it takes three days no one would complain. i have never once received an order sooner than 8 days after placing the order. that includes with the fed ex ground.

trust me if i got orders in 3 days i would have nothing to say.

by the way, i placed an order last week Thursday also, and it has yet to ship. while its nice to know you already got yours, its also important to understand why people have complaints before you diagnose the problem.

i paid for the ground shipping, while you may already have your package that ordered the same day i did mine, I would be glad to have my order on friday.

i still think they should just build a nyc store and then i could just get my stuff asap :)

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.

I have been ordering from

I have been ordering from them for at least a good three years now, and there has been a marked and dramatic decline in shipping the last 6 months or so. It seems like the SmartPost packaging is a cue for the post office to throw your package in a dusty corner and let it ferment for a good couple weeks before maybe giving it a half-hearted kick towards some kindly attendant who *may* just put it in the right bin so it can go to a dusty corner in a post office slightly closer to your domicile.

Seriously, one package made it to about 20 miles from my house and then just stopped. For like two weeks it sat there for no particular reason. I offered to drive out and retrieve it myself, but they told me they wouldn't be able to find it in a timely manner. I said, okay, why don't you go look and I'll call back, and they refused. Finally they told me they had to send it to another town, *farther away from me* and then that post office would send it to me.

It's really become a joke, and it makes no sense because they present themselves as a store catering to a higher-end, business minded clientele and they use such substandard shipping methods. I could probably order something via carrier pigeon from another store, choose "pony express" as the delivery method and still get it before my levenger order. :)

pony express is correct.

I did the math and it is true. I can walk to Washington DC (i live in NYC), yes walk!, which is where the nearest levenger store is... and walk back and a slow and steady pace and get the package before it would arrive via smart post. Thankfully i have a circa punch and a printer so my orders have trailed of quite a bit. i just cant deal with this anymore. if i dont need to go down to dc on foot to get it, than i dont want or need it.

However i LOVE adagio i can order something on friday and get it Saturday via FREE GROUND shipping.

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.

Slower than Pony Express!

I have had something shipped to me via SmartPost exactly once (not Levenger) and will never use it again. I do pay extra to avoid it at more than one online shop!

My package took one day to get from the shipper (in New Jersey) to a post office here in South Carolina that is less than one hour away. And twelve days to get from there to my door. Now, I have family in NJ, and I know that you can ship a package from here to there,(or there to here) without using Priority Mail, and get it to it's destination in about 3 or 4 days.

So .. "Smart" post took 3 or 4 times as long as the old "dumb" post.

OMG, you are right on about

OMG, you are right on about adagio! I love their shipping. I am always amazed when the stuff comes freakishly fast, and from the other side of the country too. I am always surprised and impressed with their fast delivery, and I just love that store in general. That reminds me that I need to buy another clear mug to replace the one I broke.

i wish

i wish though that their teas were not so thin and weak. i had genmai cha at another shop and Pow!!!! was it strong and amazing.

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.

I'm lucky enough to work

I'm lucky enough to work very near to the Boston Levenger. I do make the trip over for the occasional items (though I have been less than impressed with the in store service, I've actually received poor service my last two trips). However, I like monogramming, so I usually end up having to order items via the website. I've actually been wanting a few items, but won't order them because of the shipping problems. I'm okay with things taking a while longer because of the monogramming, but when the hold up is the shipping, that's another story, especially given the high cost of the shipping. Admittedly I'm a devoted L.L. Bean customer and they have spoiled me rotten (love the free shipping and monogramming with being a cardholder). I realize not every retailer can provide an L.L. Bean level of service, but given Levenger's target market you would think they would rise to the occasion.

Not that this would help customers with no local Levenger, but I would personally love to be able to place an order in the store for something to be monogrammed and then be able to pick it up at the store and not be charged shipping.