2008 Calendars - A5

Hi there

I have attached in PDF format my 2008 calendars. Slightly different format to the usual DIY standard - but close. The weekly calendar is a 5-day working week - but if anyone wants a 7-day (with Sat / Sun small on the page) then let me know via a reply and I can get this created too.

Hope these are useful to people



A5 2008 Calendar (5 day week).pdf115.42 KB
A5 2008 Calendar (Monthly).pdf47.97 KB
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Ask and you shall receive

Your monthly calendar is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for in my post two pages per week & one page per month.

For my two pages per week, I took a template I liked that was one page per week & made it two pages per week in NeoOffice. I'll post the results once I finish doing all 2008. Right now I just have January & February.