found a place to get Rollabind discs

With all the talk of people having problems getting Rollabind discs from Wilde Ideas and from Rollabind themselves, I thought for sure I was doomed to buy discs from Levenger and paint them the colors I wanted.

As it turns out, Google is my friend and I found this site: They carried most, but not all the colors I wanted in the size I wanted (large). Their staff was helpful and friendly. I just placed an order.

It sounds like they saw some warning signs that there was upcoming trouble with Rollabind and stocked up.


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incredibly fast service from Marco's Paper

I'm impressed. My order from Marco's Paper that I placed with them by phone on the afternoon of the 2nd arrived via UPS on the evening of the 3rd. I'm not surprised since they are in Dayton, Ohio and I live in Columbus, Ohio but next day shipping when you pay for UPS Ground! That's just too cool!

I'd definitely recommend ordering from them if you want to get Rollabind rings in colors Levenger doesn't offer. Just call them to make sure they have the rings in stock & you can also just tell them what you want over the phone.


unfortunate experience with Wilde on Rollabind

ordered disks and punch from Wilde over a month ago
hasnt arrived; they showed on their site, it was all in stock

didnt arrive, didnt arrive
spoke to Mr. Wilde about a week ago
was assured they were coming

today I rec'd an email from 'customer service' saying they were honoring my request to cancel my order

No such request from me, I was bewildered

Wrote them asking to see my request (did I sleepwalk and send emails out in the wee hours of the morning??)

form letter returned by email. Two sentences: They're not carrying rollobind anymore

meanwhile projects at office on hold, waiting for this order. Owner knew we were waiting.

I feel badly that we waited so long in faith

not sure I udnerstand why it took 4 weeks to say, not in stock, how can we help you otherwise?

but, that's what happened there.

So thank y ou Kenny for pre-testing Marco's paper. We'll go there and hopefully all will work out.


Just an FYI

I tried to order a PBS500 from MarcoPaper, which they still list on their website, but claimed, when I talked to them, to be unable to get from the manufacturer anymore. No biggy, but, FYI.

MarcoPaper stock

It looks like MarcoPaper's site lists everything that Rollabind is supposed to have available. There were a couple colors of discs I tried to get that are listed as available on their site that they didn't have. You'll need to call to verify that they have what you want in stock.

It's just as well - I don't think you can actually place an order from their site! I just checked the "Placing an Order page" again and you can order by phone, fax, mail, or email. Just don't send your credit card info by e-mail! Calling would probably be the easiest way to order.


Marco's Paper

Based on Kenny's comment I ordered 2 sizes of Rollabind disks from them on 1/9. The order was sitting on my doorstep on 1/10. Living in Indiana helped make that possible but from making the call to check availability to delivery was slightly over 24 hours. Plus the phone people were very helpful. The disks had no rough edges and worked like a charm with my Circa paper, dividers, etc.