How to utilize Dynamic Templates and Multivalent: Example 2 - A 2 year classic booklet (2008 - 2009) (2-up, duplex)

Here is another example combining Multivalent and the Dynamics.

For this example, I created pages to cover the clendar years 2008 and 2009 with DIY_Two_Page_Month (Attachment: 24 Months)

This is 48 pages. But I want the first page to be a left-hand page, so I need to pad by 1. Adding 1 page bumps the sheet count to 13, adding 4 more pages -- 1 at one end and 3 at the other end to get the left-hand page I want. For this example, I put the single page in the back.

For the back, I created a 2008-2009 reference calendar with DIY_Two_Year_Ref (Attachment: here). For the front, I split up the PDF file in the classic covers using the Multivalent Split command like this:

This goes all on one line
java -classpath .\Multivalent20060102.jar tool.pdf.Split -verbose -1 diyp3_core_cl.pdf

and then picked out the large monkey cover

Then I split up the DIY-3 Classic core file, using a similar Split command, and picked out the Personal Profile and Important Numbers pages (attached below)

Now for the Black Magic:

  1. Merge the three documents together using Multivalent-Merge

    This goes all on one line
    java -classpath .\Multivalent20060102.jar tool.pdf.Merge -verbose diyp3_cover_cl-monkey-large.pdf diyp3_core_cl-personal-profile-L.pdf diyp3_core_cl-important-numbers-R.pdf 2008-2009-Months.pdf 2007-2008.pdf

    The result, again, was a file named "diyp3_cover_cl-monkey-large-m.pdf" -- I believe it uses the first filename to name the output file.

  2. I wanted to keep the file, so I renamed it to "diyp-2008-booklet.pdf"
  3. Rearrange the page order and set the pages 2-up so this can be printed duplex on letter paper

    This goes all on one line with no spaces in the "-page" option
    java -classpath .\Multivalent20060102.jar tool.pdf.Impose -verbose -dim 2x1 -paper 11x8.5in -page 52,1,2,51,50,3,4,49,48,5,6,47,46,7,8,45,44,9,10,43,42,11,12,41,40,13,14,39,
    38,15,16,37,36,17,18,35,34,19,20,33,32,21,22,31,30,23,24,29,28,25,26,27 diyp-2008-booklet.pdf

    Again, the page number sequence is ducumented in How to Arrange Pages for 2-Up Duplex Printing

The resulting file, "diyp-2008-booklet-up.pdf" is attached -- (Finished Booklet). It was printed out onto letter size paper, double sided, flipping on the short side. The resulting 13 sheets were folded in half, together, to form a nice, 2 year booklet.

As always, holler if you have questions.
If you like these examples, would you like to see a 4-up or 8-up example ? I can show you how to use Multivalent to do your own PocketMod

Finished Booklet1.67 MB
Personal Profile (Left page)45.56 KB
Important Numbers (Right Page)30.49 KB
24 Months1.37 MB
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finished booklet

THANK YOU! My world has been rocked, since I found this after struggling with trying to figure out how to print booklet style without messing up the layout.