Found a new pen

Hi there,
I was at Staples tonight, and found a really nifty ballpoint pen. It will be great to take w/ my planner. It is the Zebra F-701. It is completely stainless with a knurled grip. I'm not normally a ballpoint fan, but I do really like this one. I did find some on ebay, so if you can't find one locally, you might try there.

Hope this helps someone.


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RE: Found a new pen

Hey April,
Thanks for your feedback on the Zebra -F150.

I went to Staples tonight, this particular model that you mention is not available in Canada. Would you let me know what you paid for.

Also I check on the USA site and they don't advertise this model either, I just found one and eBay but they don't ship to Canada.

If I send you the money through paypal would you buy couple of pen and refill and mail it to me.

Let me know


Found a new pen

Dear Gus,
I'm sorry you're having trouble finding it. Were you looking for F-701? You mentioned f150, so I'm not sure. There is a really good photo of the F701 at They ship internationally as well. They are based in UK. Here is the direct page:

I am under the impression that they are new. The action (on the clicker) is really smooth, and the point is fine which I like. Let me know if you still have trouble. I paid about $7.

I hope this helps.

RE: Zebra-F701

Hey April, Thanks for you note.
I did find the Zebras Canada place and call complaining about how difficult was to find the F-701,they were very nice on the phone and the send me two complimentary pen for my trouble ;-)

Apparently the F-701 is brand new pen soon to be officially release in Canada later next month.

Thanks for your insights I am looking forward to try the pen, they look sharpe.


I was at Staples a month ago

I was at Staples a month ago and i was dying to get the F-402.I went to the pen section and I was looking for it but I could not find it.So I came across the F-701 and I was amazed at how nice it looked so I bought it.I tried it out and it is the best pen Zebra has brought out.I bought it for about $7.00 and I also bought the Zebra Expandz Which is also a nice pen.The Expandz whas about $6.00.

So recommend anyone the Zebra F-701(Best Pen Ever)


mechanical pencil in the 701?

This is indeed a beautiful pen. I'm a pen spinner, so I can't be trusted with a fountain pen, but I do like, love, adore, obsess about... pens. I've got the G-301 and M-301 (gel ink and mechanical pencil) as a set. Do you know if they will be coming out with an M-701? So far cult pens and ebay are the only place I've seen the F-701. Not even on Zebra Pen's web site. Since you seem to have the scoop, thought I'd ask.

A 701 set would be awesome!

(and see, I can always tell my SO, at least I'm not buying fountain pens!)

Thanks for the info!


I'm guessing, by Zebra's site, that the F-701 is a discontinued item. It's not listed obviously in their catalog. So, alas, the hope for a mechanical pencil may be all for naught...

[EDIT] I just checked the cultpens link from above. They say it's new. It must be too new for US sale. The site doesn't list it.

Please, someone, correct me if I'm wrong. :)

-- Coffee and Books, the pleasures of life


I just got back from taking a trip to Staples looking for a good mechanical pencil. I ended up getting a Pentel P205 pencil and also a Zebra G-301 gel pen. They go pretty good together as a set - same thickness, size, and very similar clips. The only major difference is the Zebra is stainless steel and the Pentel is black.

While I was there, I saw a Zebra F-701 pen. Unfortunately the only 701 anything I could find on their website was ink cartridges for printers. If you're interested in one, I'd say call the nearest Staples & see if they are in stock or not.


Mechanical pencil

Golly we think alike! I looked for a long time at Staples for the pencil counterpart, to no avail. Then, I came home and checked cultpens, ebay, zebra, etc. for any sign of a pencil. So far, I have come up empty. I can only hope that the pencil will be released at a later time, but that is purely wishful thinking on my part. It would certainly be a terrific set. In the scheme of things...the price point is great, and it fits in my planner very nicely. I'm hopeful that this is a new item, and the first of many.. Stationery pursuits are getting better and better!

I'll keep you posted if I find anything else out.


Zebra 700 series pencil

If you're the handy type, you can take one of them apart and interchange the guts with another zebra pencil (300, IIRC) and make your own 700 series pencil. Works like a champ and the weight is awesome.

Oh my goodness!! Would you

Oh my goodness!! Would you mind giving some more advice regarding this? I would love to figure this out. I happen to have a Zebra 301 pencil, and an extra 701. Is there anything special I should know?

I'm off to try...


PS--I wrote YESTERDAY to Zebra to ask about mechanical pencil. Thanks much for the idea on making my own.

I tried this with the Zebra

I tried this with the Zebra 301, but so far, I am unsuccessful. Do you have any tips? Also, is it possible to take the end (near the clip) off of the 701. I was unable to remove it, and was afraid to force it. I would love to see photos, and know what sort of mechanical pencil you used.
Thanks much!

Are there any gel refills

Are there any gel refills that fit the F701? I've looked in Staples and came up empty handed. Not a ballpoint fan but like the stainless steel pen.

F-701 pencil

i just have a quick question, i have 3 f-701 pens, with 3 colors, and would love a matching pencil, so i did my recearch, i mailed zebra, and there not planing on making a matching one, so found this page, and since you commented that you made one im quite interested on how it turned out, just what is involved? is it just to unscrew the tip and pull the ink well and the same with the guts on the pencil? and what about the tip? i just have to get the pencil, any info would be great, thank you, Justin

F-701 mech.pencil conversion

I guess I'm like everyone else here, very interested in a M-701 mech. pencil or a conversion of the F-701 pen. Since Zebra is saying they're not planning on a pencil we need details! Please tell what's involved. I'm sure many of us here are very interested. As for the pen, it's one of the best pens I've used. It's very well-balanced, smooth writing and you can't beat the price! I found mine at the local Wal-Mart and plan on getting another.

If you take one of the M-402

If you take one of the M-402 Mechanical pencils, and unscrew the top and bottom and pull out all of the innards you can then swap them into the F-701 and you will endup with a M-701, more or less you will be just using the clip and the barrel of the F-701 with the top, bottom, and insides of the M-402

I too picked up a F-701 pen

I too picked up a F-701 pen this past weekend. Bought a pack of refills to go with it.

Not that I need one yet but being a disassembler tried to unscrew the F-701.

Uh how the heck do you do it?

I haven't really wrenched on it since I don't want to break it.

I can'r even see a threaded joint on the barrel.

Any help is embarasingly appreciated.


Never mind. Got it.

Never mind. Got it.

I got my zebra

I got mine this last weekend after reading this thank you. I really like the pen and want one in gel or pencil like others here. I also got the Staedtler Mars professional with silver barrel to match. I love the weight of the F-701. I was not disappointed for $7!
Duc Ly

Is anyone else using the

Is anyone else using the zebra 301? I got a 2-pack a couple weeks ago for $6. It's a super compact pen that is about 4" when closed. It's the perfect size for attaching to my circa PDA and it actually writes pretty nicely for a ballpoint.

I think you have the one I use.

Mine is called the Zebra F-301 BP. I use fine point only, in black and blue (though I've also seen a four-pack at Staples with black, blue, green, burgundy). This is my all-time favorite pen. It's inexpensive and writes smoothly/reliably on the various surfaces I use. It lays down a crisp, well-defined line, too, unlike most of the more expensive pens I've tried and discarded (except Uniball Signos, which I use for coloring and sketching--just not for writing).

Hi There, I'm from Ontario

Hi There,

I'm from Ontario and I recently bought the Zebra F-701 at a Walmart where I live (which is not a big city by any means). Since I'm not a huge fan of fine point pens, I checked out Staples and found refills for it there with a medium point. No sign of a gel refill yet though. This pen is stylin' I must say! Hopefully some of you will be able to find this pen at your local Walmart, if you can't find it yet at Staples.