Question about Circa Desk Punch

Hi, all --

Apologies if this has been asked before, but I searched and couldn't find an answer. So...

Does the Circa desk punch lock down flat like the portable punch? And if so, about how tall is it when flat?

Not that I wouldn't buy it, but the answers will determine where it lives in my office.


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It does, but...

I'm at work and the punch is home.
It "locks" down by two plastic cylinders placed under the level to hold it down.
I can measure when I get home if someone else does not post the measurements first.
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Only if you keep your parts


When you get the punch, it comes with two red plastic gadgets that hold the punch 'closed' by propping open the hinge end (think propping open a crocodile's mouth). You can continue to use them, I suppose, but most folks discard them immediately. Once you throw them out, the punch stays in the 'open' position like a regular 3-ring punch.

When closed, it's roughly two inches high. When open, 3.5".


Thanks, ygor and shris. Just

Thanks, ygor and shris. Just what I needed to know. We're combining our home offices and getting some new furniture for it. I've already assigned at least one drawer for Rollabind supplies! :-D

My wife is a recent convert, so we're going to become a two-punch family!

Help me! Lend me Your Despunch for 1 hr Dec 08

Can someone help me.
I've printed up a bunch of PDA 3x5 custom cards that I'd like to make into gifts with Circa discs.

Can I come to your office for 1 hr to punch them!?
My new desk punch is in the mail and it won't make it.
I'm in the Bay Area, have linked in profile, legit,etc.