What do you put your manuscript in?

My husband particiapted in Nanowrimo this past November and has now taken to transporting 300+ pages as he edits his novel.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what to encase his rough draft in? He's tried using one of those plastic envelopes, but it is tearing.

The challenge is that the paper is not punched, so he can't put it in a regular binder.

Thanks in advance!

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I think the easiest answer

I think the easiest answer is to punch the paper. If you don't have a punch, I believe you can get it done pretty cheaply at a copy shop.

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You can pick up a slightly oversized Tyvek shipping envelope from the post office, UPS, or Fedex, generally for free. They do expect you to use it for shipping stuff with them, but you might be able to turn it inside out so it's just white. You might also be able to pick up Tyvek envelopes at an office supply store.

Tyvek is much stronger than paper and some plastics. Another option is a cardboard box intended for document shipments.


Plastic file box

I've used a small plastic file box in the past - they're hard plastic, have a handle on the top and look like a cross between an expanding file (without the dividers inside) and an old-fashioned briefcase.

Or there are those heavy duty plastic wallets that close with elastic bands over the corners. Some of those wallets have broad spines that are designed for 300+ pages

try this

hello, and great, 300- pages. that is really something

I carry my manuscripts in cheap zippered binders that I buy at Rite Aid, and Walgreens. GoodWill often has a ton of them this time of year, as does Salvation Army resell stores

They will hold 8.5x11 papers, up to 500 at a time.

They often have inside pockets in the front and back .

They zip shut so papers cannot fall out,

they often have pen holder inside

I can see what I'm looking at by simply unzipping the binder and laying it flat open on the desk/table

when open the fabric with the zippered part makes a little wall all around so papers dont spill out

sometimes they have rings inside them, I ignore them

most writers need their mss loose, not stapled nor bound

Some of the zippered binders even have a little handle on the outside for carrying, I dont know, what does a ream of paper weigh, 5 lbs? So a handle is cool

Mine are all black

I put small luggage tags on each zipper so I know which mss is in each one

Some are huge thick

some are thin

I have tried envelopes, accordian files, boxes that reams of paper come in, 3hole punched papers in ring binders, and NONE of them are anywhere near as good as a zippered large fabric binder, that holds everything, flat, neat, securely and accessibly.

The binders also LAST forever.

You can also find kid's zipppered binders in brilliant fusia, scarlett red and other wibrant colors if your soul craves such. They might have tinkerbell on them. Cool. She's one of our own. A little fallen angel, you might say.

Hope this helps


very interesting...

Funny you should mention the zippered binder, because that's exactly what I pulled out of my "stash" for him to use! I had a leather one with a handle that he was able to get the entire manuscript in (barely). :-)

Another interesting comment you made is about a "fallen angel" because that's what his book is about. (insert eerie music here).


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I know you can get "document

I know you can get "document cases" or whatever they're called...hard plastic, slightly larger than the size of the paper and 2-3 inches thick.

I used to have one until I stepped on it in my messy bedroom, it cracked, and that was the end of it. I was sad. :(