My paper "hack"

For years I had been searching for some planner/journal paper to put in my binder that had more of a "vintage" feel. (There's something about stark white paper that doesn't always appeal to me.)

I think I figured it out with manilla (sp?) drawing paper cut to size and hole-punched to fit in my planner.

It looks pretty good and it's a relativley inexpensive investment ($2 for the paper and $23 for the hole punch) that didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would. Now I have paper that can double as journal/sketch. :-)

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I found some Wausau 24# "writing" paper on clearance at Office Max recently. An employee said the company is changing the packaging, but not the paper. I bought about a dozen reams of wonderful, creamy-colored paper for 90% off.

It's a little scratchy for writing (doean't glide like Moleskine), but I really like it. I used it to make my planner this year, and snipped the corners with a curve-punch. After I figured out what it was I liked about Moleskine, and what I liked about Circa, I was able to put it together.

I used the template for Moleskine-like pages (week on the left/grid on the right), printed onto my beautiful paper (that I had cut in half for $1), and punched. I love it! It incorporates the bext of both, for my purposes.