Requesting a favour

Hi all,

I have lurked here on and off for a couple of years now, but never really had much to say. Now, in my very first post in ages I am probably going to court serious flaming. I hope you'll all be nice though :) I'll understand if this post gets moderated :)

Basically I'm hoping to get some feedback from you guys on a product (relevant to this site) I'm considering developing. I'll describe it below, and hopefully try to get an idea from you guys of whether people would buy it or not.

I've always loved personalising my dayplanners with custom dividers and forms and stuff. I like to make my tabbed dividers from all the lovely decorated papers you can buy in papercraft and scrapbooking stores.

I've been cutting out the tabs on the dividers using a template that I made, I just cut out the dividers then use a craft knife to cut around the stencil. With just a little practice I can now make pretty professional looking dividers out of any paper or card I like.

So I've been wondering, If I invested in producing a proper plastic cutting template like scrapbookers use to cut out shapes, but with different sizes of index tabs on them, would people buy it? I'd hate to spend around $3000 on a mould and more to get the first run of stock and then realise there's no market for them

I guess that's my question, would you buy one?

Thanks for reading,

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Hey Ness - Quick question as I am having trouble visualizing... Would you make a mold for the entire page divider or just the tab portion? I have seen tab punches before, so that is why I am wondering.

nay nay