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I have a classic Daytimer sized paper planner. Between home, kids, and being self employed I have no less than three project/to do lists going in a week. Would it be possible to construct a page with four quadrants? A 'list' for each area of responsibility in my life. I have a color laser printer with duplex printing. I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer.

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four todos


The standard diyplanner kit for the classic size has a few different pages you could use.
Probably the best is the 'Actions Quadrant' on page 14,
Or you could possible use the 'Crossroads' setup on page 54, ( I never have been sure what this was for)
or lastly, there is a four sectioned unlabeled page at page 63.

One of those should probably do the trick without any alterations.

Good luck,

If I'm not mistaken

there are pages divided into quadrants, with checkboxes, in the official D*I*Y template kit. I have no idea how to provide a link, but if you go to the templates tab at the top of this page, you should get there. Hope this helps.

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Could we get a new "Article Topics" section in the left-hand navbar labeled "Projects"? I know project forms are included in the Core packages, but it would be wonderful if they had their own article area AND their own break-out set on the Templates pages like "Notes" does.

Oh - also add "Projects" to the pull-down "Topics" menu on the Templates page