finding The Tribe

hello there, and it has been just fascinating to read the forums here the last few weeks and be thrilled to see and hear people who are in love with the word, time, planning pages, design, writing, pens, paper.

I have a love of pens and pencils and paper, the three food groups to build strong bones. I dont know if it came from having so little when young, having to beg for paper to write upon then, but my family has to do the fireman's carry to get me out of bookstores and stationary stores, tj maxx, target, art supply stores, anywhere there is paper, die cut paper, colored paper, what I call 'fast writing paper," bond paper, deckle edged paper

I'm waiting for the day when someone asks me Whats yer favorite drug, and I get to say, the only one I do is ink.


Anyway, it was an amazing treat to stumble upon this site and all the people here and ALL their generous help to answering my questions. It took a while to calm down. You mean there are really other people like me who have this sacred set of fetishes?

The tribe

with kindest regards,
archangel, who is a writer, but cant spell. Isnt that rich? God needed a laugh.

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You're not the only one

My best friend through highschool and college (and we're still friends today) was and is a writer -with atrocious spelling! I was his editor, and spellcheck (once it existed) couldn't even catch all his wrong-word mistakes.

But he is a great writer, and that's his profession now, too.

I frequently make typing mistakes, mostly because I prefer handwriting and I'm not so great with the typing.

generous heart

in heaven that would be your name HistoricStitcher. Generous Heart. What nice stories you told about your friend who is a great writer. AND, it is rich to hear from a soul that they still prefer handwriting. There are old legends about how the alphabet came to be, and how it was given 'to the hands' of humans to scribe with
thank you


who noticed with horrification this morning that she mis-spelt the word 'tribe' in the Subject heading and cant figure out how to fix it. Meant, 'Tribe.' Like I said, God loves to laugh. lol

oops. I figured it out just this sec, now it says what I meant, The Tribe.

You're so sweet!

Thank you, Archangel!

I don't say things like that if they're not true! I won't lie to flatter's not fair to either of us.