Need advice for planner venue

I have a Circa Junior Zip Folio agenda planner that I love but am getting a bit tired of lugging it from work to home. I also have a PDA that I keep a week's worth of dates and other essentials. I am thinking of leaving the larger agenda on my desk at work and carrying home the PDA that I also use for an IN box.

My question: from your experience, how do you manage events that come into your life when you are home and your agenda/planner is at work? It could work to my advantage ("I can't say that I can do that until I get to work and see my future schedule") which gives me more time to think through a commitment. However, I am fighting the feeling that I am not "together" when my long-range plans are at work. Of course, I would bring it home for weekends.


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Not bad for me


I leave the details at work most of the time. I carry around a mini calendar of future months, and if I had a lot of stuff going on I'd probably spend more effort keeping that synched with my work stuff. But neither my work nor my personal stuff gets much scheduled more than a month or so in advance.

I'm not the greatest example, I suppose, but consider what gets added to your schedule when you're in various places--out and about, such as doc or dentist, hair stylist, community events, friends' houses, or home or work. For me, the only reason to carry a calendar when I'm out at all is to make sure I have somewhere to write the six-month-in-advance appointments so I know I'll see them when the month comes up.

The alternative is to write each little thing on a slip of paper that will later be added to your inbox and processed into your calendar. Then you need not carry a calendar at all and you can do your 'I'll confirm after I've checked my full calendar' routine.

Another option is to try to schedule your work stuff and personal stuff in such a way that you 'always' schedule routine medical on Monday, errands on Tuesday, meetings on Wednesday, etc. This doesn't always work, but it's a nice rule of thumb that helps when you're booking appointments and commitments. Personally, most of my work meetings are Tue-Thu each week, my Mondays and Fridays are mostly open. So that gives me a rule of thumb for things I might want to accept while out and about.


Thanks! I will stick with PDA to capture new dates

Great comments. Thanks. I will leave the planner at work and use the PDA as the weekly mini-schedule and IN box to take back to work for recording. I feel lighter already!

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