Help finding an old topic - FOUND!

there was a forum post here (I hope it was here) that showed a "new" way to hold together a hipster or other paper planner. It was a short piece of elastic or string with a bobble of some sort on the bottom. You punch a small hole in the top corner of the paper and push the string through and then there was a "tightener" of some sort, so your pack of paper could be thick or thin.

Wow, that was hard to explain so I don't know if that refreshens anyone's memory or not....

Let me know,
nay nay :)

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Google is...

stumped. The search terms are too general.
Sorry, but I tried.

Now, how many of you thought I'd say "Google is your friend" ? Shame.
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ygor :)

I thought you were going to say google is your friend. In fact, I was going to write in my question a special note to you advising that Google was not my friend today! (I forgot).

nay nay

All I could find...

...was this thread:

But I don't think that was it. However, I suspect that the pics/ real discussion was on Flickr, or referenced some new Levenger product. I have a vague recollection about this, but don't remember either, if it was here, or somewhere else, and only briefly mentioned here...


Treasury thingies


Levenger has a treasury fastener that sounds sorta like what you're talking about. The hole is small, maybe 1/8" diameter? And the fastener is a string-looking thing with a T at the end..

Anyway, you could do the same thing with two cheap (or expensive) beads and a fabric ribbon or leather thong. Put the ribbon through the hole in the paper, tie a bead on the bottom and snug it up, then tie a bead on the top and snug it up too. For cheap, get a small bag of 'pony' beads from the craft store--they have large holes and are rounded in every direction. If you leave one end of the ribbon long, you could probably use it for a bookmark similar to the one innowen described late last year.



THANK YOU SHRIS! It was driving me CRAZY! Appreciate the help and the DIY instructions to making my own! :)

You're the BEST!
nay nay