Favorite Circa items? Wishlist in the making


I'm about to use up my Levenger credit from the Simply Irresistible offer. What would you recommend?

I'm using a Jr Agenda. I know that I want some pocketed dividers -- the multi-colored dividers from 2006 are wider than the covers that come on my 2007 Agenda. I believe I saw on here that there was a size change....

I'm also pretty certain that I want one or two pagefinders -- Can't decide if I want one each for calendar and journal.

I also need rings.

And that will probably use up all $40 right there, but a girl can dream, right?

Basically, I'm still ramping up my use of Circa. It's meeting my calendaring, note taking, and journaling needs. I thought I'd like to keep my address book in there but my desk roladex is sufficient.

I know that there are loads of Circa posts -- please forgive me for asking something that I could research -- I didn't see a list like this compiled anywhere convenient.

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