Question from a Newb

Hi there:
stumbled upon this wonderful site looking for blank templates and it's a treasure trove.

so i was wondering how long it usually takes for messages with url's to appear in the forums? i submitted two about...12 hours ago and i see a tons of new messages posted...but note mine.

the message i really care about is the one where i beg for help finding 6 ring organizer spines (so i can make my own planners) then i link to a how-to i found in case anyone else is interested.

i'd really like to see the message go up because i'm dying to start the project but don't want to resubmit the question for fear it might look like spam.

any help?


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It is the spam filter

We get a lot of hits from folks trying to sell stuff -- shoes, drugs, porn, loans, ... the usual garbage.

We have some serious anti-spam filters set up, and your stuff was caught by it. I un-spammed them (and make links out of your URL's)

Welcome aboard.
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many thanks!!

trapped in spam purgatory again

Hi ygor--I think one of my messages was trapped again by the spam filter. can you please help?
Thanks a lot!

Unlocked as many posts with your name on it


I've unlocked all the posts with your name on them as i could find. if you're still having spam issues, please let me now which thread you think yer posts got trapped in and i will check it out.

hope this helps,

Help! I too have been caught in the spam filter...

I too have been caught in the spam filter...
I posted in a different thread...
The one titled "Hello - A few newbie questions"
Under "General Topics" - "General Discussion"
And i have yet to see my post...
*crys pathetically*
Anyhoos ..
My problem i believe is the links i put in the post...
I found some cool rolla/circa book demos on youtube ...
And tried to share one and a couple other links in the post...
How does one post a link here?
Or is there another reason i was mistaken for spam?
I am all sorts of confuzzled...

"The early bird may get the worm, but the late rising worm lives."

I like that word

Confuzzled . . . . . I really like it!

I am a notebook junkie.


i fixed it. it has been marked not spam.


thanks innowen! it was just

thanks innowen! it was just the one.

hi innowen and ygor: ah...i

hi innowen and ygor:

ah...i believe this has happened it something that i'm doing? or is it just all messages with url's?

Can you pls let me know if i'm doing something wrong?

Thanks again!

Caught in Spam FIlter again

Hi Innowen & ygor:
sorry to bug about this, but can you let me know if it's something I'm doing so?
and the message that got caught is called something like 'informal poll'

Not a mod

I'm not innowen or ygor but if you are including links in your posts, they are going to be caught by the spam filter. I've been here for months and I still get caught.

i don't see anything

i don't see anything caught... got a url for me?

it's hard to police everything when you don't have a frame of reference.



I think one of the URL's i used was this
but I made a link out of it.

the subject should read something like...informal poll on planner pages.

would it have been purged already? when i clicked post comment it told me that it had been flagged as spam and was awaiting moderator approval.



so the reply i just sent to your post was ALSO caught in I should have 2 messages caught up now. lol.

Also not a mod

Hi GP,

I've noticed that most of the posts that get caught by the spam filter won't be seen again. So it's likely that your post is gone. (It's happened to most of us at one time or another.)

You can lessen it by not making URLs links and not posting the URL correctly. Something like "www dot diyplanner dot com" will get through.

Also, I believe from comments in the past that one thing the Spam filter uses as a checker is chat speak. So if you put both a URL and Chat Speak in a post it's dead and gone.

Hope that helps

thanks for the info. i guess

thanks for the info.

i guess it's either repost or leave it be. i think i'll leave it.