New @ Office Max...

I found KIT items at Office Max today. I believe KIT is part of Russel Hazel, but now I cannot find my link to the web site. I was pretty surprised though as I haven't been in OM for a while. There are a lot of new products that are more exciting than normal 3 ring binders and such. At my OM, all of these items were on the end caps.

I haven't purchased anything, but I am getting the itch.....

smilin nay nay

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What is KIT?

Never heard of this... and I can't make any sensible acronym out of it..
"Keep It ...."???


Is that KITT?

Perhaps it's a planner kept by a talking car?

Oh dear, I'm showing my age now ;)

KITT the Car

I remember him! I loved that show! :)

It's Baaack...

Have you seen the commercials? KITT's back and he's a cool Mustang now. Oh, and apparently it's "Mike" Knight now - not sure if I like that.

Coming soon to a boob tube near you!


Curse you, Reese Witherspoon! It was a GUYS name first!
It's REESE, like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Didn't they try that before?

No matter what they do, the new cars are NEVER as cool as the original. (I was so disappointed when I realized that I couldn't get a KITT of my very own when I was old enough to drive.)

'upscale office products'

Is how they describe their products.

It is pretty. I've only ever seen it in paper boutiques, never in a place like Office Max. Is it less expensive there?



So, not _the_ K.I.T.T, the car... (na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na) but KIT by Russell and Hazel.... upscale office goodies... Got it...

I also saw their free download calendar, and they did a big boo boo... writing out the year longhand, they wrote "two thousand and eight" which is wrong. I should just be "two thousand eight". It just feels wrong having that "and" in there when it shouldn't be...

But cool links. thanks.


Free calendar?

Jon, where did you find that?

Front page

It's on the front page of their normal site:

direct -

Ahhh yes...

Thank you!! :)

I like mine better

even without week numbers
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The russell and hazel office

The russell and hazel office supplies are available at Target. I just bought some. Hope this helps everyone looking for them!

Still no sign at our Target.

Still no sign at our Target. I'll have to go check again soon...

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more KIT

I emailed R&H to ask why the OfficeMax items were not on their web site and was advised...

"They will not be available on our russell+hazel site but will be on I believe we will have the rest of the inventory in about 2 weeks and then they will be available online."

Just in case you do not have an OM close by, you will be able to get them online. I will compare prices at that time...

ciao for now,
nay nay


The link is ((see below)) I also LOVE what I have seen, but in the binder I purchased it says to go to their site and see the entire collection. But you can't see the collection just email, and addresss, and phone numbers and return policy... I'm going to call them today because I want to see their entire collection.

((edited by sara))

Empty web site

The link here appears to be a parked (or spammer-ish) domain. There's pretty much nothing there. And thankfully with AdBlockPlus running no ads to see either.


Spellling kountz !
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Spllenig vital

Yup. Spelling is crucial especially in this day and age of trojaned web sites and spammified virs-infected emails. The anonymous person posting the mis-spelled web site may have done so innocently but the URL leads to a dubious site so a warning is worthwhile.