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This is just another envelope for your receipts. Last year, I used the official receipt envelopes by Doug, but by the end of the year, I was quite tired of all the work it took to cut out, fold and glue them. I thought they were a bit too complicated, so one day, while playing with a piece of paper, I came up with this idea for folding and cutting. The form is just the weekly expense form I made last year for the template contest that you can find somewhere on this site. ;-) You can find the template HERE.

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Putting it together:
If you are using scissors, it's only a couple cuts, and with a straight edge and X-acto knife it's even faster. Cut on the solid lines, and fold on the dotted lines.

Gluing is rather simple, too. I fold the sides, glue them, and then fold up the bottom flap, and glue that on the outside, but you could fold the sides, and glue the bottom flap on the inside.

To be really spiffy, you can take the two top corners, and, holding them together, cut a bit off (in an S-curve shape), so that, when it's all folded together, you have a notch in the back of the envelope. (If anybody wants help on understanding this, I can post an image on Flickr.)

Quite straight-forward. As you accumulate expense receipts, just toss them into the envelope. If you want or need to for business purposes, you can notate the expense on the front (or on the expense form I posted earlier--if I find a link, I'll add it here).

You can, of course punch these for adding to your binder, or for archiving purposes.

Both a PDF and drawing files are enclosed, so you can modify it if you wish.

One last point. I made this in A4 size, but I'm suspecting that US Letter should work OK, too.

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PDF reader, for the drawing file
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