Hello, I'm javajeb and I'm an addict

It's just recently hit me how much rolla there is floating around. I have a classic sized planner now, a classic sized notebook, a letter size notebook (unused), and a 3X5 'notecardbook'. Then, it started.

I was digging in my briefcase, and I found a random, small disc. Then, later at home, I found another on the floor by the desk. Are they everywhere? I think they are...

So, I'm here, declaring that I am an addict. Not a rolla-fool yet. But it's moving more and more into life, fitting other DIY aspects of life. It's amazing how versatile it is.

Just after Christmas, I was out with the family. I'd started preparing for my next sermon by writing the few verses onto some punched 3X5 cards. They were with me, so I could simply pull them out and have something productive to do while I sat in the car with the sleeping baby while my wife and the others were shopping.

Amazing, truly amazing. Those little discs are truly turning into productivity tools!


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