Problems with Levenger

I'm a bit dismayed that my first post here is one about my issues with Levenger, but I have to ask, is anyone else noticing a decline in their customer service?

First off, their shipping has been awful since they switched to that wretched SmartPost. I had one order take a month to show up. But don't get me started on that, because it's another can of worms.

In the beginning of December I won two items on their eBay store (their official eBay store, not some reseller.) I was hoping stuff would come before Xmas, but it didn't. I sent an email through eBay asking where my stuff was. It was never answered. (Granted, I may have not seen the response because I had limited email access then, so I will give them the benefit of a doubt....*maybe* my server deleted it, but I have messages before and after that date that didn't get archived and I couldn't find a response when I logged in.)

So the holidays come and go and in the craziness I totally forgot about my order until I checked their eBay store again hoping to score some good deals. I log into eBay and see I still need to leave feedback for the items I never received. I e-mailed them through eBay. No response. I wait a couple days, and e-mail customer service at Levenger - knowing this is probably not the right channel since it was through the eBay store, but the order DOES come up on when I log in (it shows up as an in-store purchase). The Ordering Dept. says they are forwarding the message on and someone will respond. That was yesterday, early in the day. Still nothing.

So finally, I call them, and I spent 13 minutes on phone. 12.5 of these minutes on hold. I explained my problem, was put on hold, and the guy came back and said "what was your question again?" Um, how about "WHERE'S MY STUFF?" Argh. I was put on hold again. Then he picked up and made me explain it again. Back on hold. Finally he comes back and says someone will call me later. I ask when "later" is and he said maybe tonight. It's 4:30 EST. I highly doubt they will get back to me by the close of business today.

I love their products, I am a total Levenger junkie, and I recommend them to everyone, but I am really getting bummed out here. Even the phone rep wasn't as competent and efficient as I come to expect from this company. The guy was obviously reading from a script "Thank you for your patience, sorry for your wait, are you still there?" was said to me FIVE times after being on hold and he couldn't even resolve my problem. That's just lame, I'm sorry.

I still have not posted a dispute with eBay over non-delivery and haven't left bad feedback. I want to continue to shop through their store and eBay, so I don't want to get ugly about it. But I am starting to get impatient here.

This pains me, as I love this company's products. I wish they would scale back on their beautiful packaging and instead put the money into training their reps and providing shipping that doesn't involve an oxen cart.

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Levenger customer service

Just so you won't feel lonely, this is also my first post and I echo your sentiments. I've been very frustrated with Levenger's Ebay outlet.

I discovered them last Fall and they have some great deals... but... aaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!! They rarely answer email, shipping time is abysmal, and it is very hard to get a shipping tracking number from them. Perhaps even more frustrating is that their Ebay feedback comments say things like "fast shipping" and "great service". I thought maybe it was just a conspiracy against me personally.

I won the auctions for 2 pens on 12/27 and I STILL don't have them. Same thing happened around Thanksgiving. I just won a couple of other auctions with them. This time I added a note in the Paypal "notes to seller" to *please* send a tracking number when shipping and they did, so maybe that is part of the answer. When I called Levenger customer service to inquire about the November order, they told me they didn't have the warehouse number and could only email same as me! Sheesh!

On a more positive note - this is such a great site! I've really enjoyed lurking the past few weeks.

Alternative View

Just have to offer an alternative view. Bought four things from their site just prior to Christmas. All were shipped very quickly. So much so, actually surprised me. Minor issues with two items so I sent email thru ebay message (three to be exact). Responses within two hours on all messages, and quick (within days) satisfactory resolution of both issues (one involved a pen description not matching the item - offered return and refund and the other involved a missing part that they sent next day - wow, a $1 part shipped next day a week before Christmas). I have been dealing with the site for about 8 months (discovered via this forum) and like you, as a "Levenger Junkie," have spent far too much money there. But I digress. Anyway, they have always been responsive and very fair with me. Sorry to hear both of you have had the problems you've indicated. I would suggest both of you contact big Levenger customer service as I believe they do not want disgruntled customers, even from their outlet.

I have contacted customer

I have contacted customer service three times now. It's been well over a month since my package allegedly shipped. It seems like their service has gone from consistently great, to very hit or miss. On a good day, you get an experience like Rick's, but then other times, trying to get info from them is like talking to a wall. I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and put in a dispute with them on eBay. I really, really don't want to, but they promised to call me back with a solution last night, and naturally, they didn't respond yet again.


Okay, update. I literally just typed the response above and decided to get on the phone with Levenger one more time before opening an eBay dispute....I was on hold with them when my cell phone rings, it's Levenger! Talk about irony! I spoke with a really great lady who gave me the skinny on my order, I wish I had remembered her name. She says my order was confirmed as delivered, and mere days after the auction. Hrmm. Either something shady happened with the mail delivery or one of my neighbors has a Levenger fetish. I kind of hope it's the former, because I don't want to think someone that lives by me is stealing packages. I just moved to this house last June and have had all kinds of stuff delivered and left at the door w/o problem. Perhaps the easily identifiable Levenger shipping box is just too tempting to pass up.

The person I spoke to saw my first post here and she did tell me that the issue causing some problems/delays with the eBay store has been dealt with and now they are playing a bit of catch up. So hopefully things will improve. Which is good, because I have my eye on another auction today. God, it's like crack, I CAN'T STOP! :)

Levenger Customer Service - Restored to Glory?

I wanted to post an update to my experience with Levenger's customer service and the Ebay outlet. Ryan, proactive and high-initiative guy that he is, took it upon himself to follow-up with me and look into the problem.

Very soon thereafter, I was contacted by a person I believe to be Levenger's Empress of Ebay. She found my pens and got them here fast (I received them both today). She also fixed a mistaken shipment on another order (yes, I'm a dangerous Lev addict!) The mistake was sort of a complex thing, and she not only went to some trouble to do it, she very kindly made it more than right.

She referred to their being in a "transition" period right now, and said that there should be no further problems of this sort. Given that, and a positive experience with "big" Levenger customer service earlier this week over a mistake in my last regular web order (is there a 12-step program for this?!), I'm thinking they may be climbing back to their former glory. Which is a good thing, since there are a few little items I have my eye on... :-)

Oh happy day -- thanks Ryan!

ebay levenger shipping problems

I also love the ebay prices, but both the shipping and customer service/response is the pits. The combined shipping costs are great; however, they decided that the address I provided for shipping wasn't the one they wanted to use. Hence, my package was one its way back to them when I tracked it down at FedEx. Lucky for me, I had the FedEx tracking number and could maek the updates myself. I tried to complain to them through eBay, but never got a response. By then, I had my stuff. Since then - including xmas - I buy directly from the store.