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I just discovered this online tool for manipulating pdf files. You upload your pdf (planner pages) and can perform various manipulations on them. Here's the list of what it is currently capable of:
PDF Hammer is in beta and currently has the following features:

  • Reorder pages
  • Delete pages
  • Append PDF to another PDF

So, for those who don't wish to download software, or who don't want to learn software, this simple web page may be an answer to some problems.

Here's the link:


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by APPEND do you mean...

I could change a full page to a half page without messing up the scale?


Appending has nothing to do with scaling.

Say I have PDF 1 that has 6 pages and I have PDF 2 that has 3 pages. And I'd really like to have just one PDF file to keep all 9 pages. Using the tool Jon mentioned, I could append PDF 2 to PDF 1 and have only 1 PDF file!


The only way to get you what you want is for someone to either re-do the forms using the Classic size (half-page) or for you to use OOo to create your own forms that can be converted to pdf with the form data inserted.

Actually, if you have access to Adobe Acrobat Pro (or whatever it's called these days!), you could add the form data yourself. I hear it's relatively easy to do. It just costs $$ to purchase. That's the main problem with this nifty idea....


Missing feature: n-up

Or did I miss it ?

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