Where to find these disc systems?

Hi everyone, I just joined!

A couple days ago I googled "notebook with rearrangeable pages," and started the long road into figuring out the world of disc-bound notebooks. I'm planning to get one of the cheaper brands first (probably myndology or ADOC, but if I ran across a rollabind in a store I'd snap it up) just to see how I like it, then I might invest in some nicer Circa stuff if I decide I can't live without it.

My only question is - WHERE on earth can I find them in the real world? I've been to Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, and Michael's, and nothing. There's two Levenger stores in downtown Chicago, but that's a good hour away by public transportation (and I'm not dealing with downtown parking for a notebook!).

Any other places I should try? Am I just screwed since it's not back-to-school time? Should I call around to other locations of these chains? Should I give up and order online? I was really hoping to avoid both the cost and time of shipping.

I live on the far north side of Chicago, though I think all the stores I've gone to so far are in Skokie.

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Keep trying Staples


I've found Rollabind products at Staples, so you might want to try some more of their stores. And make sure you do a good, hard look-around, because their employees don't always know it's there.

I haven't seen ring-bound notebooks anywhere else.

I've been to one of the stores in Chicago - I went during the Air Show AND a Cubs game, and survived the traffic (c: - so hopefully you can make it there when you need to go for other reasons. I was going to the Chicago Diner, come hell or high water, and there is a Lush store in the same shopping center as the Levenger store, so I could justify it.

Hey, how close are you to Hoffman Estates? That's where I was doing a job when I visited during the summer.


OMG, a Lush, Levenger, and Diners in the same place? I must make a pilgrimage.

Oh, I'm much closer than

Oh, I'm much closer than Hoffman Estates. :) I actually live in the city of Chicago, just a few blocks south of its northernmost border. I wish I'd been after these a month and a half ago - last semester I was taking class in the Loop and sitting through the 1-1.5 hr ride there and back once a week, I totally could have stopped by! Now, though, I have very little reason to go down there, so I'll have to make a special trip if I want to visit the Levenger store.

The guy at Staples definitely had no idea what I was talking about, so I looked as hard as I could myself. I also notice that it's not listed on their website.

No, not on the web site

Even though they are in the stores, Staples doesn't list them on the web: perhaps Rollabind is not distributed in all their stores. Next time you're there, ask the clerk where the fancy leather journals are, or the Black 'n' Red notebooks. On my local store, the Rollabind products are between the two, actually sharing shelf space with the Black 'n' Red.

I recommend the #151


One way to think of the parking fee is as the peripheral cost of a free sample notebook you could pick up while in the store. ;)

If you decide to brave the #147, or #151, or take your chances with parking, please stop and say, "Hi."


Staples definitely has

Staples definitely has rollabind, but they seem to be in different spots in each store. I never find them with the other notebooks, they are usually off by themselves, and unless you know what you are looking for, they can be hard to find. Also, I've never seen more than say 5-6 in a given store at a time, so they aren't really an eye popping display. They carry three colors, black (fake leather cover) and red and green (cloth covers). They are almost always found next to these other distinctive looking red and black notebooks that aren't disc-bound. Usually the refill pages are next to them.