mental template - written out

This is from Lex's mental template for phone logs.

I like the minimalism of Lex's template. But, until I get more accustomed to making phone logs, I wanted to have the visual cues. Probably after a while the format will just be a habit for me. Until then, I've got a few lined pages with the template up at the top.

So far, this seems to be working.

These are classic size. (well, 2 up on letter size paper)


phone log.pdf26.34 KB
phone log.doc314 KB
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Great idea!


That's a great idea. What's a 'reference under'? Reference I get, but what's the 'under' part?

Nice looking template, too. That'll give you just enough space for any discussion or voicemail. Very nice.


reference under

Thanks for the comments. I think this is my first general purpose template.

I've decided to keep all my phone logs in one place in my planner. When I have the conversation, I want to note here where all I need to put a reference to it. Sometimes it will just be the calendar day, sometimes it will be a particular project tracker. Depending on the conversation, it might need to be noted under a couple of different projects. That way if I don't have time right then to make the references, I'll be able to look at it later and easily remember where it should go. Just kind of the way my brain works. If you think about a library catalog, this is the part of the record that describes what subject headings are assigned to this item.


Cross-Reference Common Sense

Nice touch. I don't always think of doing those kind of little things.... it's why I come back around here every so often -- to soak in the life-hacks.


"We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence then is not an act,
but a habit." - Aristotle