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Steve Leveen, Levenger CEO, now has his own blog. Those of us with Levenger complaints (e.g., shipping, etc.) may want to leave a comment there so he knows directly what's going on.

Blog's here:
Well-Read Life

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I can't believe the response I got from customer service!

Hi Steve:

I would thing you would want to know this. I wrote to Customer Service concerning my inability to get feedback on a shipment being made to me as well as how long 'any' resonse was in coming from Levenger. I used Amazon as an example as I can get feedback from them like immediately. I asked that my email go to a supervisor... that did not happen... I received a response 'two' days later telling me that Levenger is a small company and does not have the ability to respond as quickly as Amazon and also that the current 'sale' has pushed their resources to the limit... which contributed to the delay in responding to my email... which was not responded to by a supervisor. Is this really the message you want to go out to your customers? Your products are 'top shelf' and I personally have been instrumental in getting a number of my constituents to begin using the Circa system but I would shudder to think that they would be treated as poorly as I was in this email process.

In regards to the sale, I order a number of items (paper) and received them yesterday in a box entirely to big for the content and 80% of the product was damaged as a result... the box looking like it had been used in a football practice. I have since written about that but have not heard back yet.

I trust you will be allowed to read this email as I truly believe you have a great company with great products but your customer service is selling you out.

Rev. Thom Leettola
Mission Pawsible

this site is not the Levenger blog

Levenger tends to have better customer service than what you are describing. This site (diyplanner.com) has nothing to do with Levenger except there are quite a few people here that like their products and a couple here and there that don't.

You may want to try contacting customer service again (via phone may be better than email) about your treatment or drop by Steve's blog which is here: http://wellreadlife.typepad.com/


Never had a problem with Levenger cust service...

the few times I've had to contact them, I've received a reply in less than 1 business day. True, Amazon customer service generally has a faster response time, but it's been my experience that quite often their "responses," at least the first round, are sent by someone or something that really hasn't read my email.

There have been two times where I needed a replacement product from Levenger, and both times it's been issued quickly and with no problems.

Lev Customer Service

My only real complaint about Levenger would be their shipping charges, which seem pretty high to me. I've ordered far more than my fair share from them over the years. Thus far, I can't think of anything that hasn't been packaged well - packaged with overkill, in fact. I often have enviro-guilt at the amount of packaging coming with my products and have asked them on more than one occasion to send it "plain". That appears to be more do-able for Lev outlet than Big Lev. As far as the eBay outlet, I did post here a while back some issues with their service, but their staff there has changed and they've been doing a great job with that for at least a year (for my stuff, anyway).

the quality of levenger

the quality of levenger products is not commensurate with prices What I find really dishonest is the fact that the company takes down negative reviews of their products

Grouch all you want here

But keep it cool. If you have an honest complaint, go ahead and post it for discussion.
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