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Armed with a Rolla desktop punch, I have decided now that I will never again use a boring notebook. I may still buy them to get the paper, but I don't think I'll be carrying them.

My two new notebooks are geeky cool, if I do say so myself. We've been trying to pare down and purge space-wise, so we have moved all of our CDs and DVDs from their individual cases, to fiberboard storage boxes. (The CD jewel cases went to a teacher who had a good use for them through My SO is the one who went through and put the discs into the little sleeves, and cut up the liners or boxes for the little label slot. Now, we are major scifi fans, and have an embarrassing number of box set. Watching her cut those up, I got to thinking - cool notebook covers! My first attempt is from a Deep Space Nine case. The spines make good bookmarks too.

Also, some of our anime had some shitajiki (pencil boards) with them. Those make truly excellent notebook covers. My first of this kind is from the R.O.D (Read or Die) anime. I'm kind of jazzed. No more boring notebooks EVER!

Standard shitajiki are B5 size. Mine were 'mini-shitajiki' and were irregularly sized. So for both of these notebooks I had to make non-standard size paper. For the R.O.D. notebook, I used heavy weight drawing paper. For the DS9 notebook, I just cut up some scrap paper that was only printed on one side.

pics at

I never would have thought of doing something like this before I started reading this site.

Has anyone else used shitajiki for notebooks, whether circa-ed or otherwise?


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diyplanner tagged?

Did you tag these with "diyplanner"? I ask, because they aren't showing up on my NetVibes page. :-(

They definitely look exciting, though! :-)


tags added

They have been added to the diyplanner group now, and tagged. They aren't exactly for planning, but I never would have thought of them without this site.



I mean, they're notebooks--paper, Rola/Circa rings... inspired by diyplanner!!! ;-)

But thanks for adding them. I see them now!



"Standard shitajiki are B5 size."

Hmmm, I'm more into BSG-75 size, myself... :-D

Sorry, a little fan humor there! Seriously, though, those covers are a terrific idea. Thanks for sharing! I have to take a look at my old box sets.