Circa Newbie needs help

I am making some things for the Circa Classic and 8.5X11 sizes and was under the impression that most people use the 1 inch rings for their Circa systems. So I went to the Levenger site to order those 2 sizes with the 1 inch rings and they do not have notebooks with 1 inch rings already made. They are all with the 3/4 inch rings.

So, my questions are:
1. Do most people use the 3/4 or 1 inch rings for their Circas?
2. If I want the one inch rings do I have to buy each and every piece separately or is there some easier way?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would also love to know what size circas those in this forum are using.

Thank you for your help!


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Varies greatly


I think you will find that the sizes folks use vary greatly. I have a 3x5 book that uses the Circa 'Small' size, and I have some 9x15 books that use the largest Circa size. I have a few other books that use the smallest Rolla size (smaller than the smallest Circa).

I can tell you that the smaller your discs are, the more naturally your pages will turn. The larger sizes force you into a slightly less natural path as you're turning pages.

I have some discs of every size so I can swap them out whenever I discover that my needs have changed. Personally, I think that's rather handy, but it means I have a couple of small tackle boxes of spare discs. Some folks would not want to have that clutter around.


i second shris's comment

I use 1 inch discs in my junior planner. Have the huge jumbo discs in my letter size notebook and junior 'archive'. Have a couple of 3/4 discs in junior size notebooks that I use for notes on books I'm reading. And have switched to the smallest size possible for the micro-pda that I keep in my wallet.


3/4" for me

For me, 3/4" is about as big as I would want to go for a daily-use book. I might like 1" rings for archiving--but I only have 3/4" anyway.... But I have this feeling that much bigger would be more awkward than I would want....


from 1/2 inch to 2 inches disks

hi there, and welcome!

some of us use every size depending on what it's for...

Well, I have some tiny 1/2 disks that came with old stock clarefontaine

...have some similarly tinier disks that came with myndology (I might not be spelling that right) that I got at the Christian bookstore recently

I have two inch tigerwood striped disks that my dh made on a lathe

and a dowzen levenger black medium disks
and rollabind silver and other color disks in several sizes

As an author/businessperson, I dont think of these as superfluous 'stuff' but as part of the tools of my trade.

It takes scrounging to find the disks sometimes, except from levenger which always has theirs in stock mostly

re 'buying each and every piece' ... there are some 'kits' on the rollabind website and on the levenger website that may be what you are looking for... that sell many 'parts' all at once

hope that helps a little



You just have to post some pictures of the tigerwood discs. Please please pretty please!!!!
And if your dh is so inclined, the process he used for making them. Was it a full size lathe (never gonna have one of those) a mini-pen size lathe? (could see myself splurging on one of those).

please please pictures pretty please!

I covet wooden discs, but even more so, making my own.

most sincerely begging,

Which store?

In which Christian bookstore did you find myndology? That's a surprise to me.

Around these parts, the chain ones sell more knick-knacky stuff, nothing terribly useful.

-- Coffee and Books, the pleasures of life

You ain't seen tiny...

...until you've seen the 1/4" discs! I've got a few hundred, and love them. In fact, I use and have used more of these than any of the other sizes so far. 1/4" is _really_ tiny, and quite useful for quickie projects, etc.

Check out my flickr stream for some examples of the small size discs:
Sample 1/4" rings


2. If I want the one inch

2. If I want the one inch rings do I have to buy each and every piece separately or is there some easier way?

The 1" rings are sold in packs of 11.

packs of 22

Every time I've purchased the Circa rings from Levenger, they come in packs of 22 (enough for 2 letter size notebooks). It doesn't matter what size or color I order. I've found the pages turn very easily on the 1/2" and 3/4" rings, slightly awkward on the 1" rings, and with the 1 1/2" rings you basically have to pull the page away from the center of the ring to get the pages to turn at all.

One word of warning: if you're buying rings from Levenger, I HIGHLY recommend not buying the color they call "Silver". It looks more like a gray to me, and also the pages seem to stick as they turn. It's not too bad on the smaller ring sizes, but I bought silver 1" and 1 1/2" rings and the problem annoyed me enough I called Levenger to exchange them for black rings.


Kenny is right

Every time I've purchased the Circa rings from Levenger, they come in packs of 22 (enough for 2 letter size notebooks).

The Circa discs come in packs of 22, and not 11 as I posted earlier. My bad.

tigerwood rings and myndology (sp?)

dear tigerwood seeking person: full size lathe. dh turns 2 and 3 foot bowls from burls and other odd woods. I dont have a digital camera, but I will see if I can scan them. That should be fun or funny, depending. As far as I know, and honestly, angels NEVER go into the woodshops of human but as far as I know, he just put it on the lathe and turned it and carved it with the sharp thingie. Then he sanded, and with emery cloth, I think. Theya re not stained, but think the would look nice with some good wax on them. I asked for just plain rings thatI could dye with wood stain, there are some beautiful greens and yellow and reds. But, well, you know, the male brain does have its own currents, and you just have to honor the artiste's vision

dear Christian bookstore name seeking person: It is the Christian bookstore, homeschool supplier that is associated and owned, I believe, by Hobby Lobby. It has a funny name I cant think of right now. Yes, I can! Mardel. Mardel Christian and Edcucational Supply. Down in the city from where I live, the Hobby Lobby is right next to the Mardels. I hope that answers your question. Prolly now that the secret is out that they carry circa-kinda notebooks, Mardel stock will go UP! lol as DIY-ers storm the stores.


ring size & page turning

I'd like to disagree somewhat with a couple of earlier comments. Page turning isn't necessarily more difficult with larger rings -- it depends on how thick your notebook is. I use a compact planner, which came with 3/4" rings, but with a year's worth of pages, plus my contacts, plus some blank sheets, plus a couple of dividers, I found turning pages very difficult. So I switched to 1" rings, a little reluctantly, and now turning pages is a breeze. It's true the larger rings make the book less compact, but they're what work, so I'm happy with them. (Plus, I work at home so don't have to carry around my planner all the time.)

Try 1.5s


Try some 1.5 inch rings with just fifty sheets punched in, especially if the rings are silver matte. They're difficult to turn and the path is unnatural compared to a 3-ring of the same diameter. You have to follow the arc of the disc exactly when turning the page--there's no slush like there is with a 3-ring.

The book in question was an art book, 9x15 inch pages, and many of the pages featured cereal, rice, marshmallows, packing peanuts, and other 3-dimensional art materials (thus the huge discs). I am here to tell you, the pages are hard to turn regardless of how many sheets are punched in. Of course it doesn't help that the paper is construction paper, which is really cruddy.

Shiny finish rings are better than matte, and the smallest ring that still affords room to add a few more pages is the one you want.


Paper = culprit?

I really think the paper is the culprit in this instance (though apparently the silver rings are a problem - I wouldn't know through experience as I don't use them). I know I've had problems in the past with paper that was either too thick or too thin to really be used with the rings.

I use the 1.5 rings to archive my journal and there's probably only 20 pages in it so far and the pages turn fine. The book currently consists of Levenger clear plastic covers, the 1.5 rings and about 20 pages of Levenger Circa paper. Pages turn just fine for me.


I agree with notebklover. I have various notebooks using the 1/2, 3/4, 1 and 1.5 inch rings. I don't have a problem with page turning with any of them - as long as they are not overstuffed. Too little paper isn't a problem, but too much and paging turning does become an issue. But to be fair, that would be the case with a regular 3-ring binder as well, so this isn't a Circa issue, but universal to notebooks.

Like notebklover, I put my planner on 1 inch rings (though I use Junior), have added dividers for sections for tasks, loose sheets for journal writing and various other lists. I also have a main work notebook that is on 1 inch rings with dividers. I would lose to parse one or both of use down to 3/4, but I'm a packrat, so it's unlikely to happen any time soon ;-). Luckily I rarely am shuffling both notebooks around. My work notebook stays at work for the most part. I normally only bring it home if I'm going to be working at home for a few days. Every time I do it though, I tell myself that next time I'll leave myself enough time to pull out just the pages I need and transfer them from my work notebook to my planner, so I only have to take the planner which I would be taking anyway. Someday it'll happen. Someday. :-)

Experience differs; I love the largest rings

For me, I've tried all the Levenger sizes. I still use the smallest rings for my 3 x 5 card PDA. All my other notebooks (four currently) are the largest size. I have to archive and use a large selection of constantly changing documents. (I'm an artist and I teach design and work in different locations and have all the challenges of academia and administration as well as an ADD/dyslexic, whoops, I mean differently-abled mind.)

I put off trying the Circa notebooks for a long time because I didn't believe they'd hold up to my daily abuse of throwing them into and then pulling them out of my disorganized bag. But, miraculously they do. In my large-ringed notebooks (black, shiny), pages go in and out easily, never come loose and always turn without difficulty.

My large-ringed notebooks are sturdy, light, easy to use and, of course, infinitely configurable. Much better than any other notebook I've used. Best of all, I can actually FILE those loose pieces of paper instead of losing them and unearthing them months later.


Thanks for all of your replies. They are incredibly helpful. Keep em coming.

I honestly had no idea there was such a diversity of use.