Differences between Rolla and Traditional planners

I might be a little slow regarding this, but what is the attraction for "Rolla" users as opposed to more "traditional" ring systems?

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Ease of moving pages

I can't speak for others, but for me, it's the ease of moving papers around, or removing for writing (speaking as a lefty, who finds the large rings _very_ intrusive when writing on right-hand pages).

For instance, my last 3-ring planner I ran into problems with pages at the front and back of my binder. I had enough pages in there, that when I needed to remove a page from near the front or back, that I had to first of all, open the binder to the middle, and remove all the pages between there and the page I wanted to remove. Basically, I found myself frequently having to remove almost every page from my binder, just to move a page from near the front to near the back. If I tried to simply open the binder at the front, pages _still_ would fall out, leaving me with a bigger mess, because it wasn't a "controlled" remove. I could sometimes succeed at getting out just the one page, but it became such a hassle, that as soon as I saw the Rolla/Circa discs, it was like a beam of light from the heavens! I _knew_ as soon as I saw it, that this was the answer to my needs! But I've found that this ease of movement has been a great boon in many ways. _This_ is why I like Rolla/Circa.




Complete flexibility of page size is a big attractor to me. I don't have to buy a bunch of binders, I can make pages of any size without one. My smallest personally is 3x5, but that's not the smallest you can go. My largest is 9x15 and I've never seen a ring binder that size, especially landscape.


In addition to ease of

In addition to ease of moving pages around, there's no snapping of rings each time the pages are put in or taken out.

circa/rolla vs traditional rings

I like the flexibility of Circa/Rolla and the portability between notebooks. I also like the way the Circa system supports my creative/sentimental side.

I routinely run a paper calendar/planner system, a writing journal, a design portfolio, a 3 x 5 notebook in my purse/car, an address book, a mileage log, 3 checkbooks, and a constant set of notes on anything from napkins to gum wrappers.

In the past I had a traditional planner and a spiral notebook as a journal. Anything else I did had to work in and around them. Things I hated about that were:
1) I couldn't write a note in my planner and put it in my journal without scissors & a gluestick,
2)I couldn't include cards, notes, pictures securely without investing in overpriced plastic sleeves (which added unnecessary thickness),
3)I couldn't move things in or out of my journal temporarily
4)I had to take my entire journal along if I wanted to write in a coffee place...Too heavy....What if I lost it?
5) My planner had to be huge & heavy to get the ring size I wanted
6) Once the planner rings were the size I needed, I couldn't get them out of the way & just write
and 7) sometimes I was without anything to write on & would end up with scraps of paper (books to read, songs to buy, sketches for a design, topics for an essay, etc). I was notorious for putting to-do lists in my journal. Once home I had to re-write everything to get it in my system.

The result of all this was that I walked around with a planner that was frustrating & too big, all the while littering my path with the detritus of cards recived, notes made, sticky note reminders, kid drawings, and appt cards that never quite got re-written. I was constantly wondering if something was in my calendar, my purse, the notebook I left at home, the rol-o-dex, the pencil drawer, or just plain lost! Every few months I'd become so frustrated that I'd scour the planner aisles looking for "the-next-great-system-that-will-solve-all-my-problems-and teach-me-the-right-way-to-be-organized".

Now I can change my system instantly without spending lots of money. With a Circa/Rolla system I can punch literally anything and put it in any of my books. For example:
1)I can easily move pages from my classic sized calendar to my classic sized journal or to a letter sized notebook by subject.
2)I can take a small notebook to a meeting, jot down an inspirational thought, and move it to my journal as soon as I get home.
3)I can punch a special card I've received, carry it with me for inspiration and then move it to my journal any time I want to.
4)I can take a kid's drawing from the refrigerator to my calendar to their memory album without destroying it.
5)I can move business cards into my calendar as needed and then back into an address book.
6)I can start a notebook on a topic like "House ideas". When the notebook begins to bulge, I can separate it & have separate books on "Kitchen ideas", "Bath", etc without having to split the subjects between 2 books.
7) I can change my covers based on mood with little cost.
8) I can leave my list of books to look for on gum wrappers & sticky notes until I decide to create a master list. With Circa they don't fall out.
9) I can use 3 x 5s in my planner, know they're secure, and separate my shopping lists by store or town. I can then pull the "Staples" card out of the system & take it in the store without the planner. If I can't find something on the list, the card goes back in easily (without spilling the contents of the rings all over the car) until I can write another list.
10)I can also write mileage info on a 3 x 5 card & move it to my mileage log when I've forgotten to take it.
11) My husband uses a 3x5 pocket briefcase from Levenger.In the event he needs me to buy something for him, I can punch his 3 x 5 & put it with all my other buy lists.

With a 3 or 6 or 7 ring notebook I can't do any of this conveniently. With a spiral notebook I can't do it at all. This is why I LOVE Circa.

Hope this helps. Cristine

interchangeable sizes

To me the biggest advantage of the Circa/Rollabind systems as a planner is the flexibility of using different sizes in the same notebook, and also using multiple notebooks. I think some examples would work better than trying to explain it.

1. Multiple sizes - Let's say I remember something really important at work that I need outside of work. I can grab an index card, jot it down, and when I get home I smurf it (hole punch it for my Circa notebook) and then toss it into my planner. I also keep a Micro-PDA in my wallet (top bound business card size Circa notebook).

2. Multiple notebooks - I do try to have my planner easily accessible at home and with me while I'm at work. I've been trying to journal more. I'll occasionally write a journal entry in my planner. Then when I get home, I can take it out of my planner and put it in my journal notebook. Who wants to carry their journal with them everywhere? It's really nice that it doesn't take a big binder to make a new notebook like it does with traditional ring-bound systems. You just need something for a cover and enough discs.



You just need something for a cover

Very true, and just about anything will do! I have some heavy-duty cover stock paper ~60lb or 130gm, that I frequently use for covers. Works great. Somebody on this forum mentioned gluing multiple layers of paper together for something--that might work, too! Although, maybe using that spray adhesive would be a bit smoother. ;-) But just about anything will do for a cover--another plus for Circa/Rolla...


GBC Clear View presentation covers

I found a product at Office Max. It is "GBC Clear View Presentation Covers.". They came in a 25 pack for about $18, if I remember correctly. It is similar to the Levenger covers but thinner, not as nice looking, and of course not Circa-punched. If you have a punch and need some kind of transparent covers, these work great for a notebook that isn't going to be a carry-everywhere-with-you planner. I don't think they'd hold up to that kind of stress.

Yep, and then you could print out your favorite picture on heavy card stock or photo paper and have that under these clear covers.



Thank you so much for all the detail everyone has gone into to give examples about a system you are clearly passionate about. I think I have a better idea of why the rollabind products are so appealing now.

Don't forget!

The ability to fold-over the entire thing, making your Rollabook easily take up half the space of a similar page-sized ring binder. I always hated having to decide how to trade off desk real-estate vs. planner paper size, but now I just flip the unused half over and tah dah!

And a bonus feature: I've started using 3x5 cards to track my many projects this year, and use a Rolla-punched booklet of them to keep them handy and in priority order. When the boss thinks of a new project for me or changes priorities, I just flip the card about. When the project is complete, the card pop out of my walking-around binder and rest on my archive-binder, sitting on my desk. I *love* this flexibility, and the overall low-cost nature of the thing.