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My boss at work started making binders for herself using rings that we now know are called "Flex o Locs". Actually, she got them from her boss that brought them from a company she used to work for on the west coast. What's nice about about these rings is their ability for your binder to be flexible-and easily packed.

After an intensive internet search I was able to locate them at a few places.

One is here

I thought I would post about these nifty little guys.

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flex o locs

hmm, looks like the smallest size is 5 inches? That is some big binder rings. But, could be great for archiving. Nice color selection too.


Length or diameter?

If that 5" measurement is the length of a cable, then the diameter of the closed loop should be about 1.5" if I'm doing my math correctly. (Diameter = Circumference/Pi) So, more like a 1.5" binder ring. Large, but not crazy-large.

I'm guessing length

But since my favorite disc size is 1/4 or 1/2 inch, that still qualifies as pretty big to me.

(ya math show off you :) )