Printing Problems with classic size pages... Custom paper size not working

I am new so I'm not totally sure how everything works. I am having problems with my HP Deskjet 5650 printer and its "custom settings". I set the paper size to 5.5" by 8.5", insert the right size paper in the printer, and push the paper guider things over into the right position. But I get the error "The selected paper size is larger than the paper in the paper tray. Change either the paper or the selection."

what am I doing wrong?
Thanks for the help :) !

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Don't Have your Printer but

Have you double checked to make sure you sent the horizontal and the vertical sizes right? I know when I'm doing custom sizes for work, I need to adjust them sometimes.

Yeah, the dimensions are

Yeah, the dimensions are right... I think my printer has problems with the custom size feature or else its really picky. Because I tried to custom print a 3x5 card (manually setting the dimensions to 3" by 5") and I got the same error, but when I used my printer's preset setting for Index cards (3x5) it worked fine...hmmm so maybe its just my printer. Anyway, I'm thinking of switching to A5 paper size since my printer has a preset setting for that and I probably wont have to deal with this problem. If I buy a classic size binder, will A5 paper work with it (assuming I have the right hole puncher) as the classic size paper and A5 paper are very similar?
Thanks so much for the help!

turn the paper 90 degrees?

I had a similar problem in a different printer. I turned the paper in the tray 90 degrees. It looked totally wrong to me, but the printer stopped giving me errors & it printed correctly.