Got laughed at for my DIY today

Thought you'd find this chuckle-worthy. I had my first '08 team meeting today with my 5 territory sales team-mates. When they saw my self-drawn Moleskine pocket calendar/planner you'd have thought I was at an alcoholic's intervention meeting. They thought that was the weirdest thing they'd ever seen. Being so outnumbered, I momentarily felt like a sad person with no life, but a glance at my schedule indicates I have no worries there. They wouldn't believe me that it only took 2 nights of watching football to make this thing, and that I couldn't find the same thing in retail. Our one female colleague is going on a mission to find me the same thing in a retail store and if she does, hey, I won't have to DIY in '09.

Those of you who print your own planners don't have as much to worry about as those of us who hand draw our own ! :-)

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I'm Smug

I printed my own calendar from marramgrass' blog on paper I'd customised with a watermark. The diary is a week to a view on the left with a notes page on the right, perfect for the way I work and the customised paper - picture of a cat I like - makes me smile. I keep it in a Circa binder with one of the new book cloth covers in a bright, cheery red colour. Colleagues are envious and want to know where I got it. I love this site for providing me with the tools to do such a thing.

they laughed?

They are just hideously jealous of the fabulous job you did. Pure sour grapes!

Second that -

They are jealous.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


Definitely a jealous reaction. I'd be curious to hear, next time you meet, how many of them show up with Moleskines...

I had a pleasant opposite experience this weekend. My SO and I went to the Levenger store to pick up some Circa stuff (she's a recent convert). I had my shopping list in my Circa PDA, written out on one of my list templates. The employee who was helping me saw it and complimented the design, and called over another employee to see the Proofreader Marks card I was also carrying. I told them that they can get lots of free templates like mine on D*I*Y Planner. They said they had heard about the site, and they planned on checking out the templates here!

Planner Drones

They just can't imagine what to do without pre-printed planners complete with printed/audio/video/live conference instructions in how to use it. The idea that you could make something customized for your way of life starting with a blank page blows their minds.

Remember, we are the normal ones.

My Blog

really old school

I have been using 3x5 cards ever since my supply of IBM Cards was used up. I, too, was laughed at recently but what the heck - works. Plus, when I get something done, I really enjoy flipping them across the office to the recycle bin.

They just laugh at me

My organisation fetish is considered odd by my colleagues. I colour code everything. I'm a teacher so teaching plans, student information etc are kept in color-coded files and exercise books have a matching coloured sticker on the spine so they are easy to find when they 'accidentally' end up in the wrong box. OK, colleagues may laugh at what they consider my stone-age methods - we are a Science college and are supposed to be paper free; hah! - but I'm the one they come to when they can't find their copy of a class list, briefing document or whatever. When I explain my system, they say that they couldn't find the time to set it up! It takes me a very pleasant few hours in September and I'm set for the rest of the year. What's that agianst hours spent looking for carelessly filed paperwork, I say? Anyway, I've always thought I was the normal one and I'm grateful to this site for proving I am right.

Organizing is an investment

That's kind of "never time to do properly, but always time to do twice" behaviour... (your colleagues, I mean)

Nice set up

Sounds like a very nice set-up Kate. I think you have to have a mind for that and I am always drawn to anyone who looks like they have a good system. Like you said, they come to you when they need something, not the techno folks. I certainly admire the techno folks but would be lost without my paper and pen systems.

I would have loved to have a teacher like you

Good for you - I would have loved a teacher like you. I was busy chasing around my English professor insisting that I DID finish my paper and that he must have lost the last page (which he did at least twice in one year) thanks to his lovely filing method of cram-it-all in his bag.