could you just tell me in angel? print 3x5 hipster on HP1320

If someone could help me out, I would really appreciate it. I have read and reread the manual for the HP1320...and It is written in Human... which means it leaves out specifics as though everyone already knew a lot of jargon before they read this manual.

I dont know those pre-specifics. Speaking in Angel, just means not leaving out 'parts'

Could you just tell me so I can understand

1. do I put the blank cards in the printer tray longways or shortways going left to right?
2. Do I put the cards with the ruled lines pointing upward, or faced downward?

3. WHICH PDAhipster file do I use to print out all of the pack? I am confused, there seem to be several, and I think I need to have it in PDF for it to print right, right?

4. I assume if I wanted more than two cards of any given card in the whole pack, I could just tell printer to print 10 of page ten, for instance?

Thank you. I really appreciate any help you can give

archangel, muttering about how they should have given a better owners manual for earth.

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My suggestion for the printer

I'll tell you what I did with my parents' HP when I first wanted to use it. I took a normal-sized sheet of paper, wrote an X on one side, and stuck it in the printer. I then printed my small-sized item (in my case a photo, but in your case, a 3x5 card) onto this normal sized sheet of paper. Doing this told me 1. What side was printed on (in their case, the bottom or facing down, when you put the paper in the feeder/paper tray) 2. What the orientation was--"standing up", or "short ways going right to left"), and 3. that the card needed to be stuck on the right size of the paper feed. I also discovered later that 3x5s didn't print well on their printer, but that was their printer...

So, try that yourself, and see what comes out. ;-)

Now, as to your points 3 and 4. I would use the "one-up" version of the hipster. It prints single cards. And yes, to 4, you just tell it to print however many copies of a page you want--and just that page. More than I care to admit, I have forgotten to choose my page, and saw the wrong item come out of my printer. :-)

P.S. I'm sorry, but I don't do well with either Human or Angel, having been geekified too many years. I hope this made sense.


really smart

oh thank you jonglass, that is really smart and helpful. I will try your instructions and see how we fare. Dirty rattzelfratzel printers anyway.

and, if I find the golden plates buried on earth that give better instructions for Angel and Human, I will share them with you. Although most Angels I know, love Geekels because they're considered kin.

hope that made everyone who is 'geekified' laugh