post-it note addiction must be over

does anyone use index cards or 1/2 index cards, instead of post-it notes for most everything? If so, how do you keep them still, you know, keep them from sliding all over the desk and not staying together like post-its do on their little pad?

Am I on the right track in thinking i can better organize my ideas/ projects, etc by switching from Post-its to Index 1/2s or full cards?


i have five jillion post-its in a big set of baskets. Ideas. phone numbers. Thoughts. things to do. Stuff. Art sketches, doodles, info, project parts.

I trained myself to only put one item/idea on each note so I could sort them by 'kind.'

The post-its, although I can sort them by kind, just stick to each other and arent useful that way; they aggrivate and slow things down instead

I thought today, maybe I could cut the sticky part off and circify the post-its anyway. But, not really. A lot of my handwriting is from edge to edge

So, I think I should start using index cards, or cut index cards in half instead of post its. That way, I really can put all my notes/ doodles, etc. in a circafied order and flip through them and actually more easily SEE what's going on, and arrange them in order without having to un-goo everything (technical term.)

I'd appreciate any thoughts on this matter.


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You need a stand of some sort to hold your cards. I bought a playing card holder from and that does a nice job. Previously I'd made my own out of an 11x13 photo frame stand (just the black velvety back, with ribbons glued on french note board style). Alternatively there's something like the Circa docking sheets at Levenger, or scrabble pieces, or just standing a card up with a binder clip. There are also 'order up' bars like you see in restaurants--you stick those on your overhead bin then poke the cards up into the bar like tickets in a restaurant.

Or you could do a series of paperweights, I suppose, or shallow trays to keep them from wandering.

And don't forget the ever popular card box/recipe box for storing stuff you don't need at hand this second. I bought an unfinished wood one from the local craft store, but there are nicer ones available all over the place.

I'd really recommend sticking with a standard size--any sort of mass container (except circa/rolla) will work better if there aren't multiple sizes of papers in it.


Index cards for me

I started using index cards to organize my many projects and notes, and it's working well. I second shris' comment about using some kind of "bleacher" to hold them up to look at: I do this with the cards I'm working on at the moment using a playing-card holder like this one Completed project cards are getting Circa-punched and stored in a flip book that I can review when my boss asks "what have you been doing with all your time?" I'm starting to get close to the maximum number of cards on the discs, though, so I may wind up archiving them with a big binder clip instead.

Non-active project cards live in the tickler file if they are date-sensitive. Few of my projects are like this, though, and are just "everyday" sorts of things, so those live in a (smaller) Circa flip book in priority order. I work on the top card in the pile.

I have found that it's still useful to keep a scratch pad of (what else?) Circa-punched recycled letter paper, cut into quarters for random scribbles or requests. I try to keep the cards neat, so the scratch pad is to jot down notes from people, which promptly get recopied into their own cards, with the current date and a project code on them.

One step at a time

Hi archangel,

Yes, too many post-its are annoying and frustrating when they get stuck together. So it would be good idea to use index cards or 1/2 index cards for your ideas and projects.

I've used both index cards (Hipster) and business cards (Fobster) for sorting ideas and notes. If you're only recording very brief ideas then 1/2 index cards work but they're a pain if you decide to add extra comments later.

My suggestion is to try using index cards (or at least cut some index card sized paper from scrap paper) and stick your post-its to them. Then you can use your existing notes and develop a system you like.

However, I suggest you take one step at a time. Only "circafy" them after trying your new system for a while. If you change your mind you'll have a lot of punched cards to sort through which might be annoying. (I should point out here that I dislike circa - so I am biased).

As to filing,perhaps you could raid the pantry and find any food boxes or plastic containers that suit. I've found that the small cardboard boxes from Twinings tea bags make good fobster files, and shoe boxes & some biscuit boxes are good for index cards. A bit of left over giftpaper and they look much less like leftovers,


digital post it notes

I am not much into digital calendars and stuff like that but I used to have post it notes all over the place until I got a new laptop/tablet pc a couple years back which had Sticky Notes. I can write with a stylus on them and include voice as well.

It cleared up all the sticky notes on my table and I found that it was more convenient. And, wherever my laptop goes, so do they.


Put post-its in a notebook?

If you really like the post-it's but are just having difficulty with the sorting aspect, what if you put them in a notebook? Use index tabs for major headings, then stick away -- maybe titling pages with specific recurring tasks / people to discuss with / projects. I have not organized tasks this way, but did something similiar on my white board.

For quite a while I used post-its on my white board at work (but as our construction project grew my white board is now covered with various architectual drawings). I had various headings -- one for each staff person and each major project -- about eight columns in all.

The notebook idea has the advantage of portability while still allowing rearranging.

Personally, the idea of a little bleacher stand in my work area is not exciting to me....

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or you could

glue your post-its to index cards, one post-it per card?

Post It Index Cards

This weekend at Office Depot I found Post-It Index cards. Love them so far. They are sturdy and lined and stick wherever I need them to. I've moved the ones I've used around a few times and they re-stick with no problem. I also saw off-brands labeled "padded index cards". They were in the index card section, not the post-it notes section.