The Templates

By this time, you've no doubt downloaded and looked through the D*I*Y Planner template files. You've also probably gone through the stages of denial (I don't believe there's over 200 pages!), anger (How the #$%&*! do they expect me to figure all this out?), bargaining (Darling, how about you figure out how to make this, and I'll go make supper for the kids?), depression (There's no way I'm going to be able to sort this stuff out! To heck with it... I'll just sit here, get nothing done, and sulk) and acceptance (Okay, it's probably not so bad; let's go read the handbook thing).

Having accepted that there are a lot of templates included, and many ways to use them all, you've come here --rather courageously, I might add-- to start rummaging through our little chapter of summaries and hints. Read on, fearless productivity seeker!

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