"You're so organized"

What? Who, me?

I've been in customer meetings all this week on a HUGE new project.

I built a Circa notebook specifically for the project/trip and everyone was really impressed with it.

I had my itinerary and travel information printed out and punched, right under the front cover.

I then was able to take notes today as we were touring facilities on my "Analog PDA" (actually my compact Circa agenda/notebook.

I had lots of oohing and ahing over my stuff!

Next on my list of aquisitions - 3x5 Circa notebook (or Circa PDA) and a portable punch (I'll be travelling a lot in the future).

And, I might be able to leverage this project into working with a government agency near and dear to my heart. (Anyone's heart who is a science fiction fan)


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3x5 v. Circa PDA

Yo t,

I just wanted to remind you that the 3x5 notebook is actually larger cards that are perfed - the smurfed section stays behind and a full-sized, non-smurfed 3x5 comes off. If you want to use regular index cards and smurf your own, you're likely better off with a circa PDA. I bought a 3x5 notebook and found I didn't like it.

Props on your new-found "Org Idol" status!


Paper, not cards

I really just want paper to write on, not 3x5 cards - Levenger sells paper refills for the 3x5 notebook as well as the perforated cards.

But I will keep your experience in mind as I'm still noodling over a lot of this.


very wary of those type of exclamations

At times they are sincerely meant, but too many times it has meant that somebody else's project is about to get dumped on me!

I try to be a stealth organizer for that reason!


Project Dumpers Stink!

Fortunately, the people who said this were customers who don't have any authority to dump projects on me, but whose favorable opinion of my organizational abilities can really help the project go forward.

P.S. I posted a link to the Flickr page, but it got eaten by the spaminator - so you might want to check out the pix of the planner I made for my friend Amy. They're in the DIY Planner group, and my user name there is the same as it is here - tootru


Cool custom planner!

Hey, thanks for getting the pictures of your secret santa gift up. It is very very cool. And I agree with the note, very precisely machined copper rings. They look great! I really like the rice paper envelope. I think I'm going to incorporate something like that into my planner. I'm sure receipts would do better there than folded 12 million times and crammed into my wallet.


tootru, I'm trying to figure


I'm trying to figure out what you mean by "your link got eaten by the spaminator." We don't handle spam on the Flickr site so if you posted an image there and it didn't show... then that's an issue with their system.

However, if you posted an image there but tried to link to here... tell me which post... i'll see if i can unlock it.